Top 50 Stories Related To Tech, Social Media, Mobile And Internet Of 2013 [STUDY]

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As 2013 is coming to an end, we are back with top reports, activities, happenings and debates of the entire year. Most of the top tech giants like Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG), Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) were in the news for various milestones created. The social media industry was booming with various innovative ad features introduced by Facebook, Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), Pinterest and others. Smartphone and tablet usage was on a steady rise, for the first time Smartphone shipment overtook feature phone shipment figure.

Here are the top 50 noteworthy events of 2013 –

  1. Have you ever wondered what all events occur in One Internet Minute? If you are ever late for anything by a mere 60 seconds and feel you haven’t missed out on much. Well, then here are the list of things which happened in the internet world in the last 60 seconds or so.
  2. Tablet and Smartphone usage was on steady rise as 3 out of 5 users accessed internet on mobile. Read more.
  3. Smartphone sales outpaced feature phone sales for the first time in Q2 of 2013. Overall sales of mobile phones surpassed 435 million units in Q2, 2013. Read more
  4.  Brand marketers on Facebook must burn more advertising dollars on Boost Post than Side Bar Ads to ensure higher returns on investment (ROI). NewsFeed Ads on Facebook drive 44X higher CTR and 5X higher conversion than right hand side ads. Read More.
  5. The exuberant growth in usage of Smartphones has led to many new players entering the field with lucrative prices and features. Worldwide Smartphone average selling price which is currently at $337 was predicted to plunge down to $265 by 2017. More details here.
  6. Social media industry was booming in 2013 and continued to impress web users worldwide. To get a better insight to interesting statistics, facts and figures of social media industry, check article here
  7. Google Android has stormed the Smartphone market with its optimized price, attractive features and numerous apps. Here is the list of 5 best Android Smartphones available in India (under the price tag of 15k). Read more
  8. Technology has advanced and now provides digital consumers with a micro device which incubates their entire entertainment and necessity package like entertainment, browsing information, networking and a lot more. Tag of Smart Watch has shifted from Rolex to wearables. Although, the buzz in the market is lesser compared to Smartphone and tablets, but the usage is expected to rise in future. Here is the list of 15 smart watches and their features one must know.
  9. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) failed to secure its top position in the list of Top Tech Companies To Work For In 2014. The recent Glassdoor report titled 50 Best Places To Work For In 2014, which is based upon the Employees’ Choice Award, ranks Twitter on top, followed by LinkedIn and pushed Facebook to the third position in the list. Read more
  10. Are companies really being sold to social media presence and effectiveness? This report highlights that 45% of companies having 1 billion+ valuation and have 50+ employees managing social media activities. 87% of this staff is responsible for marketing and branding companies on social channels. Read More
  11. What makes internet shoppers click on the Buy Now button on e-stores? The visual presentation holds the key! Nearly 92% of people make a decision to buy a product based on the visual factor associated with social media brand posts. Read More
  12. Smartphone market in India (Q2, 2013) was dominated by Samsung with rise in its phablet sales. Read more
  13. Social media networks were the top rated medium for marketing as they generated 58% more outreach than any other advertising method. Social networking adoption was on the rise outplaying portal, network or exchange ads. Read more.
  14. Google topped with 14.7 billion online video content views, followed by AOL with 1.3 billion views. Average minutes spent per viewer on Google products was approximately 1,77.3 minutes, whereas in AOL it was 387.9 minutes. Much of the credit for this massive share of Google goes to YouTube. Read More
  15. Facebook accounted for 26% of social sharing between different networks, followed by address bar sharing which accounted for 19%. More details on various networks like address bar, Facebook Likes, Twitter, Print, Email, and Pinterest are summarized here.
  16.  Apple was reported to be on the losing side in the tablet market share compared to Android. Apple shipped 14.6 million iPads (iPad and iPad Mini) in Q2 which is a 14.1% drop from 17 million in Q1, 2013. Read More.
  17. Creativity and innovation in video content can outcast any paid advertising method. Here is the list of top ten creative YouTube ads which grew increasingly famous due to their innovative features rather than paid search. More Details
  18. Fictitious Ultraphone beast with dual OS capabilities of Android 4.2 and iOS 7 had created a great buzz amongst mobile geeks across the globe. But the growing competition between the two doesn’t seem to make it happen in the near future. Read more.
  19. Facebook was one of the most addictive websites, as the users login on an average thirteen times a day! Its dominance in the advertising arena continued this year due to improved ad options innovated by the social media titan. Read more.
  20. Mobile advertisers in India get a better response from mobile website focused campaigns than mobile apps. A latest trend report claims that – in Q3, 2013, 84% of mobile ad impressions were recorded on mobile websites compared to 16% on mobile apps. Feature phone led mobile ad impressions lead the market with a 62% market share against 35% by Smartphones. Read MoreTop-Tech-Stories-of-2013
  21. Looking for a tablet that compliments your business needs? Here is the list of top 5 tablets for the enterprises – Apple iPad and Google Nexus 10 leave Samsung Tab 10.1 behind. Read More
  22. The hottest release from Apple in 2013 – the iPhones 5s was in competition with the Google Nexus 5 which was half the price of the iPhone 5s. Attractive and productive features are likely to emerge as hits for the masses, irrespective of the price. For acute comparison between the two – Click Here
  23. Inbound marketing techniques turned out to be the main weapon for B2B marketing as the cost involved was 62% lesser per lead than outbound marketing. Inbound marketing has revolutionized the way business of sales in B2B industry takes place. Read more
  24. Microsoft was reported to earn $1.51 billion from Android Smartphone vendors in Q2 of 2013. Read more.
  25. Tablet market share in India was on a steady growth recording shipments of 1.2 million tablets in Q3 of 2013, Samsung gaining the king’s share with 15% of the tablet market. Read more
  26. Are you strategizing your online marketing campaigns that are based on organic traffic from Google? Think again! A new report highlights why Google is slowly drawing the curtains on Keywords responsible for sending traffic to your website. Does Google aim to burn your pockets for traffic? Read More
  27. Smartphone market giants and innovation leader Samsung group has lost $12 billion after launching too many Galaxy S4 variants. Details regarding the same are compiled here.
  28. E-commerce in India is dominated largely by Flipkart, far behind in line is Jabong and Snapdeal. All 3 have progressed significantly due to highest customer satisfaction rate. Read More
  29. Rise in usage of tablets due to convenient screen size range and improved browsing experience has provided tough fight for the Smartphone market. Here is the list of top 5 tablets under 20k price ranges available in India (2013). Read More
  30. Worldwide Smartphone shipment sales crossed 250 million in Q3 of 2013, accounting for 55.6% of overall mobile phone sales which is approximately 455.6 million. Read more.
  31. Retail brands have heavily benefited through various Facebook advertising options as they generated 45X more followers than the Twitter platform. Read more
  32. Indian e-commerce major Flipkart rocked the investment industry by securing the biggest round of funding in India. But the recent exposure of a $45 million loss, which the company has suffered in FY 2012 has put a big question mark on its future scalability. This has triggered a debate – Is Flipkart running out of breath? Read More
  33. If we consider the Smartphone OS market share and sales in Q1 2013, Android and iOS account for 92.3% of overall sales. Samsung led the wolf pack by being the clear market leader with 41% of overall Android sales.  Read more
  34. Marketers increasingly stressed on various Ad creative strategies to drive more engagement for their posts. Detailed insights into numerous Ad creative strategies adopted by marketers worldwide which have increased the CTR by 60% and lowered the CPA by 75% in fan acquisition campaigns are listed here.
  35. Well-known Facebook owned photo sharing app Instagram was widely adopted by marketers across the globe. If we consider fortune 500 firms nearly 22.4% of them have adopted the platform for marketing their brand and to engage with their fans. Read more
  36. The global leader in e-commerce industry – Amazon, has recently announced that the company sold 426 items each second during the recent holiday season. Check this out for more – Read More
  37. The Huffington post with a 20.8 million Facebook engagement rate (likes and shares) was the top-notch media publishing firm in terms of engagement rate on Facebook, next in line was Buzzfeed with a 14.7 million engagement rate. Media publishing firms have witnessed an increase in referral traffic rate by 170% in the last 1 year due to an increasing demand for informative content from users. Read more
  38. Looking for the best and cheapest tablets in India 2013? Here is the list of tablets which are ranked based on ROI factoring price, performance and user segments. For more details click here.
  39. Smartphone shipment forecast till 2017 by IDC predicted that the market share is likely to grow 40% Y-O-Y. Microsoft Windows Smartphone is expected to grow at the cost of Android. More details here.
  40. With a growing demand for video content, brand advertisers were estimated to invest more than $5.6 billion on YouTube in 2013. The overall share grabbed by YouTube was 1.7% amongst all the global digital ad revenues. Read more
  41. Facebook outplayed Google and was listed as the top most Smartphone app for 2013 with 103,420,000 average unique users. Next in line was Google search with average unique users tally resting at 75,984,000. Google Play, YouTube, Google Maps were other prominent ones. Read more
  42. Mobile messenger apps like WhatsApp (300 million users), WeChat (400 million users), Viber (200 million user base), Nimbuzz (150 million users) and BBM with over 1.3 billion user base outplayed SMS or short messaging services by recording over 19 billion message transactions per day. More details here.
  43. App industry is undoubtedly the hottest and fastest-growing one with top notch players like the Apple app store, which recorded a whopping 2.6X higher revenue than yet another giant player Google Play in Q1 of 2013. Read more.
  44. We had seen many players entering the mobile game app industry, this year we saw a newbie into tablet gaming industry which was reportedly minting more than $1.3 million per day. A Finland based Start-up Super Cell which was focused on tablet game development just by two of its games – Hay Day and Clash of Clans minted in billions per day. Read more.
  45. Many brand marketers are drawing speculations around the possible social media trends for 2014. Well, here is one of the possible prediction which revolves around the fact that content will emerge as the key for social media marketing, and niche sites like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram were likely to gain more important web users worldwide.  Read more.
  46. People increasingly browsed for information pertaining to various notable events and personalities. Top Google searches in 2013 were Mandela, iPhone 5s and Walker. Read more.
  47. Entire details of happenings focused around top trends, revenue growth, user-base etc on the micro-blogging site Twitter – compiled in a nutshell, for more details click here.
  48. New innovative features for improved networking experience, initiatives for advertisers, sparkling revenue growth which surpassed the 2 billion mark in Q3, and a lot more happenings on the world’s largest social media network Facebook – all compiled in a nutshell here.
  49. Amazing stats, figures, notable events pertaining to social media industry were all summarized in a report here.
  50. In Q4, 2013, various reports stated that teens in the U.K. and the young population in the U.S. have had enough of Facebook. A few other reports challenged Facebook’s sustainability in the future, due to the unmanaged growth of Facebook – Is Facebook doomed to die or will they stand the heat? Read More


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