Do you own a website, Facebook Page, Blog ? What’s there NEW to offer to your reader at every interval which will encourage them to come back ? Yes, any online establishment can only drive the traffic only when it has the ability to retain their return visitors. People respect their time and would not spend the time again to see the same content or offering again and again.

Therefore, an interactive online presence with dynamic section which can offer new information at regular interval will give a great reason to visitors to frequently re-visit as well become a point of reference. Many such online presence do this by having “Latest News” section but there are tons of sites which serve similar news & information. Visitors would like to see something unique and different.

Dazeinfo get a solution for you. Be it yours or your client website, why take a hassle to manage such dynamic section and invest hours of efforts everyday. Let us do that for you. As we are one of the leading technology blog which serves only the Amazing Insights of technology, mobile, social media, games, we never be short of such great & unique analysis & reports. And now we are launching the “Blidget” to our partner site who just need to incorporate a small script and add a great aspect to the website for visitors to re-visit.

Below, we are showcasing some of our blidget templates from our wide range. If you like to incorporate any one of it, please use the “Apply Form” below and we will analyse your website and send you the script of respective blidget. Whats more fun – It’s completely Anonymous & FREE for approved website.

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