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First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to all of you, our esteemed readers for following our information portal. It is only with your kind support that Dazeinfo has now reached out to hundreds of readers around the world. It has been our labor of love in terms of setting up the such a robust portal, tweaking it, and nurturing it with hard work by some dedicated folks. A lot of you might be curious to know objective behind launching this portal in the first place. To cut a long story short, this portal is only a preamble of something much bigger, and we will be delighted to share the details with you soon.

Why Dazeinfo ?

The dynamic nature of web implies that we are not alone in our endeavors. There are innumerable sites, blogs and portals out there which do the job of disseminating information. Then, how Dazeinfo is different?

We always were convinced with the thought that “With the evolvement of technology people demand and deserve better, or say intelligent content”.

There is various information on the web which helps people to know what’s going on around the world. Unfortunately, there are very few content sources that are committed to producing more meaningful business content that not only helps to understand the pulse of the tech industry but also help people to accelerate their career growth.

WHY Do we need YOU?

We would like to post articles from our readers and give them greater visibility. You might want to ask “what’s in it for me”. We all understand that any important information becomes vital if we add analytical view into that. This way information not only gets served as an important one but also becomes further beneficial for readers. With the limitation of technology, it is not possible only with the help of any tools, engine and app. That is why allow me to elucidate how contributing to the Dazeinfo would be an intellectually stimulating and rewarding experience.

We respect your time and inputs as we do for ourselves and understand the value of that equally. You will be an integral part of Dazeinfo Contributors Team and would be respected and rewarded for all your hard work which you will give to Dazeinfo, making it a success. Just to give you a glimpse

If you really value your time, effort, and more than that, your content, make sure to put it only on the platform that has an engaged community of the industry’s thought leaders, influencers, and geeks. And, no one but Dazeinfo can help you accomplish your goals.

If you think our thoughts make sense, come and join our team as we start delivering on our promise of a tightly knit virtual community, separated by distance, but united in knowledge.

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If you still have any clarification, please feel free to contact Dazeinfo Team at [email protected] .