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Have you got something which 2 Billion+ internet users across the world will love to read ? Do you think you have got something crucial which has missed the due attention by online users ? Can you read the real story behind well-crated sophisticated headlines ? Or if you can analyze the future impact of the current momentum of IT industry, then we would love to hear from you.

Dazeinfo – one of the fastest and most acclaimed technology research and analysis websites – is always committed to serve millions of tech professionals with the right message, true insights and the influential analysis; A message that is much more than a news, an analysis which have the maximum curves of learning and insights which can help startups and SMBs to drive their business to new heights. Our news, analysis and research reports have become a point of reference for many leading websites like USAToday, ALLFacebook, TechCrunch, NYTimes etc.

However, due to high volume of requests each day, we have quite strict filtration criteria. Having said that, we always encourage and respect all high-quality UNIQUE contents by guest authors. We have ridged scanning process, baked by tools, to find out Unique and connected contents. If follow strict policies against plagiarism and don’t encourage any activitie that supports it.

Please ensure to adhere few guidelines that we strictly follow:

  • Content should be 100% unique and original
  • Content should be unique in all form (including Title, Subject and Thought Process). No doctored contents also.
  • Topic should be aligned with the industry and niche we follow.
  • Any external link to any other business or personal website is a subject to approval. Due to Google strict policy we reserve the rights to remove or allow external links only after in-depth analysis of linked source.
  • No adult or piracy content.
  • one link to your personal site in your bio.

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