Facebook Inc. (FB) Mobile Users Login Atleast 13.8 Times A Day! Facebook Continues Its Dominance In The Advertising Arena! [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), thanks to its all round growth is emerging as a daily go-to website for web users across the globe. Facebook has effectively evolved itself and is providing its 1.26 billion active users (as per Q3 ,2013 report total MAUs were 1.189 billion) with all their daily needs like brand engagement, news consumption, social networking, chatting and a whole lot more. Facebook with its ever growing advertising initiatives is providing more specific ad-campaigns using which marketers can target the audience of their choice and hence promote better conversion rates. Marketers across the globe are now well accustomed to various Facebook advertising techniques and are investing a major share of investment for specific ad-campaigns on the site.

Marketers should conduct a research survey about their target customers and analyze all possible ad options on Facebook before investing in any particular ad-campaign. Social marketing company Wishpond has summarized all facts and figures related to advertising on the Facebook platform in an Infographic below.

  • Facebook has a massive user base of 1.26 billion of which 874 million operate using mobile devices. On an average, mobile Facebook users login at least 13.8 times a day.
  • Facebook ads have 35% lower cost per conversion than the online average. The CTR rate on an average for retailer was 0.20% in Q3,2013, which is 3.75X higher than a year before.
  • B2B marketers who try using Custom audience feature to match their email lists to Facebook, often reported a 20%-30% average match rate, whereas B2C firm saw a match rate of 70%-80%, proving the platform is more effective for B2C customer targeting. Facebook is also known to drive 77% of new customers to B2C firms.
  • Facebook exchange ads in the NewsFeed delivered a CTR 28 times the rate of right hand side ads, but, 15% lower ROI. Facebook’s optimized CPM has decreased advertisement CPC by up to 85%.
  • Marketers of brands should use captivating imagery for their posts (like that of a smiling woman) to drive more user engagement. Usage of rich media content like images, videos and infographic are always much more engaging than text messages.
  • List-targeting should be used as it can increase the e-commerce Facebook ad conversion rate by 30%-50%. Content must be well designed and informative, smartly embedded with the theme of a brand product. SlideShare and infograhpics must be increasingly used within the content to drive more engagement.

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