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Facebook Inc. (FB) No More The Best Tech Company To Work For In 2014 !


Despite of heavy checks and enormous exposure across the globe, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) failed to secure its top position in the list of ‘Top Tech Companies To Work For In 2014’. The recent Glassdoor report titled ’50 Best Places To Work For In 2014′, which is based upon the Employees’ Choice Award, ranks Twitter on top, followed by LinkedIn and pushed Facebook to the third position in the list. This could be disappointing for Facebook after topping the list for three consecutive years – 2011, 2012 and 013.

Overall technology companies have emerged as best places to work for employees. Out of the top 50 best places to work in 2014, 22 companies belong to the tech industry. What is more surprising is that tech giants such as Google and Apple failed to live up to the expectations. While Google managed to secure 6th position in the tech list, Apple was pushed further down to the 16th position.

Top Tech Companies To Work 2014

The biggest shock was that Microsoft failed to make the list while smaller companies such as eBay, Salesforce, Rackspace secured positions in the list.

The Glassdore list of iTop Tech Companies To Work In 2014′ holds more value than other similar list released by various monitoring bodies of the industry, that’s because this list is largely based upon the inputs provided by the employees who choose to participate in an anonymous online survey and provide independent feedback on their work environment, job and company culture. After recording all responses, Glassdoor implements the Proprietary Algorithm to conclude the list based upon quality, quantity and consistency of reviews.

However, the Glassdoor list is not confined to the tech industry and the list comprises overall ’50 Best Places To Work For’.  For the year 2014, Bain & Company leads the list with a rating of 4.6. Twitter and LinkedIn secured 2nd 3rd position, respectively in the overall list, while Facebook and Google claimed 5th and 8th position.

It would be interesting to see how companies in the 2014 list secure their positions next year due to the fact that some of them either just went public or are gearing up to launch their IPO anytime next year. Definitely, the post-IPO scenario attracts many changes and it could be surprising to see how these companies will cope up to upcoming reforms.

Source: Glassdoor


  1. Facebook’s average revenue per user (ARPU) grew 33% YoY to $1.72. Monthly active users from mobile platforms as of September 2013 were 874 million, an increase of 45% YoY. bit.ly/FacebookAnalysts


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