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Interview at Facebook: The Question Only Genius Can Answer

facebook groups
The mighty players who have savoured the market's success do appreciate the significance of sound hiring; therefore, prominent organisations are endowed on exceptional people. However its quite remarkable to discover those excellent personalities. This peculiar style is encouraging them to prosper consequently to the job offer.Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) distinguishes this aforementioned victory trait. Just reigning as the most hunted-after companies in Silicon Valley, it...

How Dangerous Facebook Could Be For Users, Is Proved Once Again!

facebook upload email contacts
The US-based social media behemoth Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is in the spotlight again for being entangled in password-linked mayhem. Facebook revealed that the company has inadvertently uploaded email contacts of nearly 1.5 million of its naive-new users on the social media site since May 2016.The retrieved contacts, however, were not obviously shared or abused by neither any marketing agency nor...

Facebook Asking The Password Of Email ID Used While Sign Up

facebook email id password
Facebook is ironically asking some of its new users to hand over their email ID passwords as a verification process to authenticate new Facebook accounts. The San Fransisco based social-media behemoth Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) is making a prompt to some of its new users to reveal the password of their personal email ID - used while signing up with...

Facebook Imitates TikTok: Introduces Indian Music To keep Users Glued

facebook music india
Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to keep its millions of users in India glued to the platform. The company has apparently taken a cue from one of the fastest growing apps among the youth and has added similar features to the platform, albeit focused on regional content.A recent report from Economics Times put to light some of the...

Facebook Under Criminal Investigation For Its Deals With Apple, Microsoft And Sony

facebook criminal charges for data sharing
A New York-based grand jury issued a writ petition on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) over the allegation of sharing the personal details of its users with at least two smartphone and other device manufacturers. In continuation of that writ, today the American Federal investigation agency has reportedly opened up fresh criminal proceedings on Facebook for sharing the sensitive personal...

The Love of Mark Zuckerberg For WeChat To Transform Facebook Into A Super Platform

mark zuckerberg wechat facebook
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg looks back over the business formula and influence of China-based Tencent Holdings triumphant app Wechat. Amidst of repercussions on privacy crisis, with the priority of privacy for its users, Facebook plans to launch end to end encryption of its messenger services and all its associated private messaging services like Whatsapp and Instagram.In his lengthy privacy...

Facebook Is Accused Of Abusing Users’ Phone number, Collected Only For 2FA

facebook phone number lookup
For billions of internet users, the phone number is the key to unlock their digital profiles. The Facebook users, however, find it more annoying that their number could be used to 'look into' users' profile and take over their personal information which is highly infectious and intolerable. Despite claiming to use phone number only for two-factor authentication (2FA) process to secure...

The Number Of Users Not Trusting Internet Anymore Is Quite Concerning [STUDY]

When "facts" don't work and people don't trust the internet anymore, that's when you know that the digital dominoes are falling!Past few years have been a blatant display of what one may call a litany of mishaps that reflect really bad on the digital media. For an instance, Facebook's confession of the inglorious "breach of trust" scandal wherein it...

For Facebook Content Moderators Every day is a Nightmare!

facebook content moderation
The most popular social network in the world, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), employs more than 30,000 people to ensure the safety and security of its users. Nearly half of them work on moderating content, filtering off gore, pornographic, violent and misleading messages.But, quite recently one of these moderators has filed a suit for the psychological trauma against Facebook itself. She had...

Facebook 5G Wireless Internet: The Mighty Player When The Game Is On?

facebook 5G internet wireless
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), the social media behemoth is venturing into telecommunication industry services.Facebook has made a pact with Common Networks, the San Francisco based competent newbie player in telecom services, to provide the 5G wireless internet at the frequency of 1 gigabit per second at a very economic cost of $50 per month. As a first unravel of the technology,...

TikTok Edging Close to Facebook, Hits The One Billion Downloads Mark!

TikTok downloads
One must be living under the rocks if they don't know about the most popular social video app as of now, TikTok! This Chinese app which has long disrupted the social video sharing category, closing in on Western firms like Facebook and Snapchat has now hit yet another benchmark. Amidst metaphorical drum-rolls, TikTok has enlisted itself into the big-billion group;...

Popular iOS Apps Are Sharing Sensitive User Data With Facebook

iOS apps leaking users info to facebook
If you thought that using an iPhone or iPad helps you safeguard your personal data and shields you from data miners lurking around in the various app stores, you’re sadly mistaken.Apple has always said that it puts user security and privacy first!But when The Wall Street Journal looked into 70 of the most popular iOS apps, it found out...

Facebook Is A ‘Digital Gangster’, Intentionally Violating Anti-Competition Laws: Lawmakers

facebook gangster anti privacy law
A scathing 108-page report by British lawmakers has accused Facebook of acting like a digital gangster with scant regard for user privacy and flouting anti-competition laws.The report by the U.K. Digital, Culture, Media and Sports committee was published on Monday. It comes after an 18-month-old investigation into allegations of disinformation and fake news spread over the networking site.The report...

Facebook’s Revenue From China Is A Bolt From The Blue

When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it, said Paulo Coelho.One wonderful example of this is Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) generating between $5 billion and $7 billion in revenue in China - a country where its site does not even operate.Owing to the ban imposed by the Chinese government in 2009, people in...

Facebook Negotiating Record Penalty For Alleged Privacy Breaches

facebook paying fine
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is reportedly negotiating with the U.S. government a record, multi-billion dollar fine for breaching user privacy, after being accused of sharing personal information regarding 87 million users inappropriately with the now defunct British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.The breaches might cost the Mark Zuckerberg owned network dear because, as per a Washington Post report, the penalty might...

Did Facebook Start The #TenYearChallenge To Get Your Data?

So, are you done with liking your friends’ #TenYearChallenge pictures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?Wait, did you post pics of yourself in 2009 and 2019 as well?Cute, wasn’t it?Seeing how your friends and loved ones have transitioned over the years. How many of them have, to use the clichés, ‘aged like a fine wine’, ‘look just the same’ or...

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