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Ai in healthcare

The Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Healthcare Practices

Artificial Intelligence is a true testament to advancements in technology. AI is founded on the development of intelligent machines designed to do...
user spending on Youtube app

Users Are Spending Much More On YouTube Than Ever Before!

The exploded adoption of video content worldwide is proving to be a boon for YouTube. Users spend $53.4 million on YouTube in...
global ecommerce market

How Important Are Impulse Buys to Ecommerce Success?

Modern consumers love to shop online. Millennials, in particular, are happy to make many purchases online that previous generations wouldn’t. Unsurprisingly, most businesses...
online branding

Building A Solid Brand Online Is Not less Than An Art!

Why should you care about brand building anyway? Well, for starters, a Nielsen survey points out that 59% of consumers would buy a product...

Web Browsers with VPNs: Time To Switch?

As the war of browser is apparently going nowhere as Google Chrome undisputedly continues to dominate the market. The browsers with VPN,...

Wondering How To Play PSX On PC?

Though there have been several generations of the consoles released over the years and have tried to constantly revive Sony classic PSX...

Using a POS System Effectively Could Help a Business Save and Make Money

It is easy to mistake a POS system as nothing more than a fancy register or just something a business uses to...
future of ecommerce

The Ever-Changing World of E-Commerce: What It Was Then and What It Is Now

Today, leaving your home and physically going to the store almost sounds prehistoric… younger generations make it sound like one of those...
overseas business opportunity

Business Opportunities to Consider for the Overseas Entrepreneur

There are many reasons to want to open a new business overseas if you’re an entrepreneur. One is that you’ll be experiencing...
digital transformation

The Value of Digital Transformation to Small Businesses

The secret to a successful business lies in the need to innovate and adapt. Sure enough, the world is getting smaller as...
wipro office

Wipro Finds US Freshers More Productive Than Indian Techies

When Wipro decided to hire thousands of employees to satisfy the growing need for manpower in the US, many Indian tech professionals...
global ecommerce market

What Does the Future Hold for Ecommerce?

Thousands of online shops are popping up on the internet with each passing second nowadays. While players are leaving no stone unturned...
online casino industry

How data influences the biggest and best online casinos

For any industry, data is among the most valued elements. And if the industry is worth billions of dollars, every piece of...
Samsung Galaxy S11

You May Ignore Samsung Note 10 As The Upcoming Smartphone Is Just Mind-Boggling!

Samsung recently released the teaser of the upcoming Galaxy S11 phone. The first impression of the Galaxy S11 is good enough to blow...
whatsapp vulnerability media file jacking

WhatsApp Photos Make Android Phone Vulnerable

Yes, you read it right! WhatsApp photos are making your Android phone vulnerable and hackers can take advantage of it that could...

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