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Best Time to Post on Facebook: Brands Must Pay Attention To!

Let's suppose one has worked really hard on making social media posts for a specific reason. But how will that ensure the right amount of people engagement?Learning the know hows to post on social media is obviously more than just any feeling in one's bones! "Knowing the best times to post, as well as managing communities is limited to...

Facebook Daily Active Users, Worldwide

Facebook Daily Active Users Worldwide
The above Dgraph represents the number of Facebook daily active users, from Q1 2011 to the most recent quarter, worldwide.As of Q3 2018, 1.49 billion people are using Facebook, on a daily basis. That's a significant 9.28% YoY increase.The social media giant hardly managed to add 24 million new DAUs in Q3, when compared to the previous quarter, probably due to...

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018: Highlights

Facebook Earnings Q2 2018
The DGraph represents the Facebook earnings in Q2 2018, which includes revenue from advertising, payments & other fees, total costs & expenses, income from operations, and total net income. In Q2 2018, Facebook's total revenue clocked $13.2 billion, worldwide. Interestingly, nearly 98.51% of that came from advertising. The company's advertising revenue has seen a remarkable 42.27% YoY growth.Mobile plays a biggest...

Facebook Takes Down Hundreds of Fake Accounts, Pages And Groups

facebook fake accounts
Trolls on social media keep lurking around, putting up sour notes on belligerent issues every now and then. Deftly, and purposefully they sow in polarizing political content to bolster up disharmony. But how has Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) dealt with it?Facebook announced earlier that it had identified a coordinated mudsling, in which several inauthentic pages and profiles were engaged to...

Facebook VPN App Is Accused Of Stealing iOS Users’ Data By Apple

facebook vpn app
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has had to suffer another defeat amidst the privacy breach storm that it has been dealing with for some time now. Facebook VPN app, known as Onavo Protect, is recently withdrawn from the Apple iOS app store after severe privacy breach allegations from Apple.The Onavo Protect is a VPN app of the Israeli technology company...

Facebook Daily Active Users, By Region

Facebook Daily Active Users By Region
 The above Dgraph represents the growth in the number of Facebook daily active users by region, from Q2 2016 to Q3 2018. Overall the number of Facebook DAUs reached 1.49 billion in the third quarter of 2018.Surprisingly, the Daily active users of Facebook in the US and Canada remained quite stagnant for the first quarter of this year, with 185...

Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region

Facebook Advertising Revenue by Region (2)
 The above graph represents the growth of Facebook advertising revenue by region, from Q4 2010 to the most recent quarter. In Q4 2018, Facebook advertising revenue clocked over $16.6 billion, a significant 33.9% YoY growth. It is important to note that the US & Canada region is contributing the lion’s share to Facebook’s overall revenue every quarter. In Q4 2018, nearly half...

Facebook Average Revenue per User (ARPU) by Region

 The above DGraph represents the Facebook's average revenue per user (ARPU), by region. In Q2 2018, Facebook has made $25.91 in revenue from each user from the US and Canada. While the ARPU from Asia-Pacific was just $2.62 in the quarter, despite being the largest market for Facebook in terms of a number of users. The above graph is a part of DGraph –...

Facebook Quarterly Revenue By Region

Facebook revenue by region
 The above DGraph represents the growth in Facebook quarterly revenue by region from Q2 2016 to the most recent quarter.In Q3 2018, Facebook's total revenue rose to $13.73 billion, clocking 33% YoY increase. However, it is below than the industry expectations of $13.8 billion. In Q2 2018, Facebook witnessed a whopping 42% YoY growth in its total revenue, clocked $13.2...

Facebook Monthly Active Users Worldwide

Facebook Monthly Active Users
 The above DGraph represents the growth in the number of Facebook monthly active users (MAUs), worldwide, from Q3 2008 to the most recent quarter. As of Q3 2018, Facebook has 2.27 billion monthly active users, worldwide. That's an increase of 10% YoY.In Q3 2012, it was the first time when Facebook had touched 1 billion users milestone.The worldwide growth...

Number of Facebook Monthly Active Users Worldwide, By Region

Facebook Monthly Active Users by Region (3)
The above graph represents the growth in the number of Facebook monthly active users by region from Q1 2016 to Q4 2018. Facebook has 2.3 billion monthly active users by the end of Q4 2018. As the graph represents, the growth in the number of Facebook monthly users in the US & Canada has almost stagnated in the last few...

Social Media Spam: 47% Users Notice More Spammy Content Than Before

social media spam
Spam messages have been a constant problem for all the social media networks, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Google or Twitter. These giants are aware of this situation – and have left no stones unturned in the past two years to fight with it. They are making every possible move to forbid the growth of spam on their websites and...

Amidst Faltering Growth, Is Facebook Heading Towards The Road To Ruins?

beginning of the end of Facebook
Facebook's forecast for a better future suddenly seems rather bleak. Apparently, this lands Mark Zuckerberg in a tough spot!Over the last couple of months, there’s been a lot of commotion over the future of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB). Subject to a lot of social and political pressure, Facebook has also been on the verge of being the largest wipe-out in...

Facebook Revenue Q2 2018: Despite Higher MAUs, APAC Disappoints

Facebook revenue Q2 2018
The Social Media leviathan, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) recently released it's earnings results for Q2 2018 and seems like, it is neck-deep in hot water!The air around Facebook cannot be under wraps for a long time, given its public esteem. Facebook witnessed disastrous earnings for the second quarter of this year. With the deceleration in revenue growth and outpaced results, intense headwinds...

The Number of Internet Users Worldwide Reached 4.1 Billion In July 2018 [REPORT]

number of internet users
The 2018 Q3 Global Digital Statshot report trots out a plethora of changes in the past three months, be it in the domain of social or digital or broadband. And in addition, displays the earnestness in which Global village goes online. As of July 2018, the number of internet users worldwide has reached 4.1 billion.  Interestingly, nearly 92% of them access the internet...

Is Facebook On The Verge Of Becoming The Largest Wipe-Out In American History?

Facebook revenue Q2 2018
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has been a pioneer at setting up milestones. However, as per the  Second Quarter 2018 Results, Facebook's revenue deceleration is the talk-of-the-town and it looks like, Facebook is on the verge of becoming the largest wipe-out in American history!Facebook recently announced their second fiscal quarterly results which look tarred and feathered. Apparently, with revenue of $13.2 billion compared to...

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