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I am a full-time Industry Analyst, covering mobile industry, writing about the giants and their growth performances, chasing the statistics like my dreams, and digging deep into the industry till I get a gold mine. 'Earned' my Masters in BioTech quite recently and giving wings to my thoughts without drinking RedBull.
Huawei new OS Hongmeng

Huawei New OS: Hongmeng Is The Answer To Android?

Huawei new OS is all set to debut!By now you must have read about the recent blow receive by Huawei - the world's second...
Google bans Android on Huawei

Google Bans Huawei From Using Android: The Beginning Of The End For Huawei?

Finally, the grip of US authorities around the neck of Huawei is tightening to a level of choking. Google has banned Huawei from using...
Google new OS FUCHSIA

Google’s Secret OS Fuchsia: The Beginning of The End of Android?

Google has spilt some beans about the secret OS it has bee working for over 3 years now. Dubbed as Fuchsia, the new operating...
Sony layoff employees 2020

Sony To Layoff 2000 Employees As Mobile Phone Division continue to Struggle

Staying competitive in the smartphone business nowadays is almost impossible unless you are able to create Apple iPhone like magic with the features like...
India Smartphone Market Share By Vendors

Smartphone Shipment In India Q1 2019: Vivo Gains Big From The Success Of V...

Smartphone shipment in India is still growing quarter over quarter at a steady pace. The latest data from the Counterpoint Research indicate that the...
future of DevOps

What App Developers of the Future Need to Know About DevOps

Mobile app development may be a relatively new field compared to software development, but just like its predecessor, it’s evolving quickly.Just one example of...
credit score

Are Credit Score Apps Safe?

Which should you use? Is your information safe? All the long-term investment decisions like houses, cars, mortgages, education that you would want to engage in, depend...
Huawei CFO loves apple products

Arrested Huawei CFO Turns Out To Be A Big Fan Of Apple Products

When your enemy turns out to be your biggest fan, half the battle is already won!When Meng Wanzhou, CFO - Huawei Technology Co Ltd, was...
price of OnePlus 7 in India leaked

The Price of OnePlus 7 in India Would Make It A Real Head-Turner [LEAKED]

For the last couple of weeks, the internet is abuzz with the rumours about the specification of OnePlus 7, the price of Oneplus 7 in...
xiaomi Mi9 camera review

Xiaomi Mi9 Is The Best Camera Smartphone Xiaomi Has Ever Made

The war of triple camera smartphones has been kicked off. Since the beginning of 2019, the global smartphone industry is witnessing one after another...
Apple image

Apple Fiscal Q1 2019 Results: It’s All About ‘Decline’

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has just announced the first quarter result of fiscal 2019, and it's all about 'decline' and 'drop'. The iPhone maker has...

Honor Accounts For 80% Of Huawei’s Smartphone Sales In India

The exploded adoption of smartphones in India is led by the entry-level and mid-range smartphones, mostly manufactured by Chinese players, likes of Oppo, Vivo...
Apple iPhone sales Q1 2019

The Highly Satisfied iPhone Users Are Hurting iPhone Sales The Most!

Yesterday when Tim Cook revealed that Apple may be falling short of its revenue estimation in fiscal Q1 2019, the world was quick to...
Apple revenue estimation Q1 2019

Fewer iPhone Upgrades Force Apple To Cut Down Revenue Estimation For Fiscal Q1 2019

Looks like Tim Cook is finding it tough to deal with the changing smartphone scenario as Apple is failing to keep its iPhone sales...

OnePlus Accused Of Exercising Unethical Business Practice To Boost The Sales Of OnePlus 6T

OnePlus is, once again, in the limelight for the wrong reason; and this time the company has been accused of something that could seriously...
Oppo R17 Pro

Oppo R17 Pro Launch In India: Price, Features & Specs!

Oppo has launched its new flagship, the Oppo R17 Pro, in India, yesterday! The smartphone, available in two colours - Emerald Green and Radiant Mist...

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