Whatsapp Companion: Whatsapp starts rolling out the much-needed multi-smartphone feature

Whatsapp companion is the much-needed feature that many smartphone users have been waiting for long. To configure Whatsapp on multiple smartphones you just need to follow a few simple steps.

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The ability to access the same WhatsApp account from multiple smartphones has been a long-awaited feature for a long time. The wait is finally over; WhatsApp has finally started rolling out the feature that allows a user to configure his WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones.

Called WhatsApp Companion mode, the feature is currently available in the beta stage only for Android users. According to WABetaInfo’s report, a few lucky beta testers have been able to access the long-awaited WhatsApp companion mode. This feature has been in development for some time. It was available to a select few Android tablet users last month, but now it is also available to mobile phone users.

As mentioned above, WhatsApp companion mode allows you to simultaneously access your WhatsApp account from another smartphone. It is similar to the WhatsApp multi-device feature, but the new feature allows you to access your account from your second smartphone that you may have. To use WhatsApp on another phone, you will need to first install and configure WhatsApp on the secondary phone. Then, you will need to back up your chats to access them on the secondary device. With the companion mode, however, you can instantly access your WhatsApp account and chats from your secondary smartphone.

WhatsApp companion mode functions in the same way as multi-device mode. Once you have activated the feature, you’ll see the new “Link a Device” option when you set up the messaging. Click on the link to view a QR code. It allows you to use your WhatsApp account from a secondary device.

It was a much-needed, long-awaited feature as the culture of owning multiple smartphones is quickly gaining momentum. However, having multiple devices also comes with a challenge of data distribution as users often want to access the same app with a single account on all of the smartphones he ons. Realizing its need, many apps already allow users to configure the app with the same login credentials on multiple devices. It allows users to have the freedom to access the same information from any of the devices.

Data indicate that many people segregate their essential and non-essential internet activities based on smartphones. They prefer to use one phone for calls, SMSs, and Banking activities, while another smartphone for their social and entertainment-related activities amid the rising fear of data tracking and increasing hacking and online banking frauds. However, there are apps, such as Whatsapp, that people like to access from both mobile phones for ease of communication and portability.

The beta version of the feature is only available to a select few users. The feature is expected to be available to more users over the next few weeks.


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