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I am a full-time Industry Analyst, covering mobile industry, writing about the giants and their growth performances, chasing the statistics like my dreams, and digging deep into the industry till I get a gold mine. 'Earned' my Masters in BioTech quite recently and giving wings to my thoughts without drinking RedBull.
iPhone x 2018

Apple Kills iPhone X: The Much Talked 10th Anniversary iPhone

Not a good news for those who recently bought iPhone X; with the launch of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, Apple...
iPhone Xs Max price features specifications

iPhone XS Max: The Most Expensive iPhone Apple Has Ever Launched

After months of speculation, the price of iPhone XS Max, the specification of iPhone XS Max and features of iPhone XS Max is out officially. What is more interesting is...
iPhone XR price features specification

Apple iPhone XR: Price, Features, Specification And Offer You Must Know

After months of speculation, the price of iPhone XR, the specification of iPhone XR and features of iPhone XR is out officially. What is more interesting this...
iPhone Xs price features specification

Apple iPhone XS: Price, Features, Specification And Offer You Must Know

After months of speculation, the price of iPhone XS, the specification of iPhone XS and features of iPhone XS is out officially. What is more interesting this...
Apple's video streaming service

Apple’s Video Streaming Service: From Just $500 Million to $4.4 Billion by 2025

The era of going to the theatres are long gone. We live in a time when everything is available on demand, at your fingertips....
switch from android to iphone

Why A Number Of Smartphone Users Ditching Android For iPhone? [STUDY]

This has been a firing debate for almost a decade now; Android Smartphone vs iPhone, which could be a better choice. While it's really...
premium smartphone market in India

The Premium Smartphone Market In India Is Dominated By Samsung: CMR

As the budget and mid-segment smartphone market in India is witnessing cut-throat competition, the premium smartphone market has started attracting the eyeballs of smartphone...
call recording in Android smartphone

Google Has Killed Call Recording In Android Smartphone, Once And For All!

The release of Android Pie version has put a lot of Android developers on work. Most of them are busy in figuring out the...
growth of Huawei Xiaomi

Samsung, Apple Must Be Anxious About The Growth of Huawei And Xiaomi

Amidst slowing down smartphone shipments worldwide, two Chinese smartphone OEMs, Huawei and Xiaomi, have managed to hold their ground by registering a jaw-dropping growth...
Apple valuation 1 trillion

Apple: From Near Bankruptcy To The World’s First Trillion Dollar Tech Company

The year was 1997, while the cutting-edge technologies were spreading its wings beyond the boundaries of the US, there was a company on the...
Healthcare mobile industry trends 2018

Healthcare App Development: The Predominant Trends In 2018 You Must Pay Attention To

We live in an era that is entirely dependent on technology and people of this generation are imbibing the trend of smartphone apps for...
samsung phones sending pictures

Attention Samsung Galaxy Owners! Your Phone Might Be Leaking Your Private Pictures!

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KRX:005930) has found itself in a fix with its flagship models posing issues to many of its users. Many Samsung Galaxy...

The End of Moore’s Law May Open Doors To New Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

Moore’s Law, the decades-long informal prediction that has dictated our path of computational development, may finally be at an end. Originally a concept created...
buy Apple products

Choosing Apple Over Other Brands Is Always An Astute Move

Ever since the technological advancements started to take place a decade ago, a plethora of brands has come up with products across different segments....
images of Google Pixel 3

The New Images Of Google Pixel 3 Indicate Major Design Change

Google is almost set to introduce new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. While we already talked about the stunning piece Google is working...
mobile broadband users in india April 2018

The Number of Mobile Broadband Users in India Crosses 400 Million

The exploded adoption of smartphone, falling average selling price (ASP) of 4G smartphones and the drastic decline in the price of high-speed data connectivity;...

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