Apple’s latest revolutionary iPhone camera technology is mind boggling

Apple has developed a new iPhone camera tech that will give its competitors a run for their money. It is a new type of telephoto lens capable to deliver jaw-dropping zoom capabilities, which could radically improve camera performance in future iPhones.

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Apple is known for its path-breaking innovation and for creating products optimized for superior performance. If the recently unveiled ARM-based Apple’s M1 chipset failed to impress you enough, the new iPhone camera technology Apple has developed that dramatically improves the performance of future devices will surely leave your eyes popping out.

Various rumors have claimed that the iPhone 14 camera upgrades are expected to be significant, but Apple is not limited or restricted to just those. A newly filed patent application reveals that the Cupertino-based tech giant has developed a new type of telephoto lens capable to deliver jaw-dropping zoom capabilities.

The patent was noticed by PatentlyApple, and describes it as a new folded telephoto lens with a unique single-prism design. Complex systems of prisms or mirrors are used to redirect light in foldable lenses. However, having light pass through multiple optical elements could lead to significant degradation in picture quality.

Apple’s prism, however, is capable of using a variety of reflective surfaces, antireflective surfaces, and aperture masks to achieve the desired result. This allows for a reduction in the number of optical components required.

Telephoto lenses that are small enough to be used on smartphones are often difficult to create, costly to make, and usually deliver lower quality than the main lens. The most powerful optical zoom specifications currently are reserved for flagship devices. Apple has some work to do here to stay ahead in the race, but designs such as this point to an exciting new zoom camera feature in the iPhone’s future.

The mind-boggling technology rollout is still far away as Apple iPhone 14 won’t be offering it to users. It’s even quite skeptical whether Apple will introduce it with the successor of iPhone 14. But, as Apple filed for such a patent it clearly hints that the company is committed to making future iPhones more innovative and worth every penny, without being involved in a rat race of mindless upgrades of RAM, camera, or processor.

Apple iPhone 14 series is just a few months away and the company is already working on a foldable iPhone. Is the newly filed patent application a part of the process to make the foldable iPhone a marvelous piece that everyone would aspire to own? probably, it’s a little too early to be confident about anything related to foldable iPhone. At the moment, all eyes are set on iPhone 14 and the new features and upgrades that Apple is gearing up to unveil in the third quarter of the year. While the rising ASP (Average Selling Price) of the iPhone is a concern for many analysts, it would be interesting to see if Apple succeeds to replicate the success of the iPhone 13 series.


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