Why Does Bill Gates See This New Tech As A Smartphone Killer?

Is smartphone killer about to debut? Bill Gates predicts that new path-breaking innovation would emerge as the smartphone killer. In his new video, he speaks about the revolutionary tech which has the potential to redefine the global smartphone market.

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The former Chairman & CEO of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) who was crowned the world’s richest man for the longest time is once again making headlines. He has set his eyes on a revolutionary technology that is being dubbed as ‘smartphone killer’.

Since the inception of MTS (Mobile Telephone Services) in 1949, the ways of communication have been continuously evolving. Today, in 2022, we have smartphones that can not only help us in communication but also help by reminding us of what tasks we need to do each day and help us track activities done throughout the day, making it an essential part of people’s life. However, with the continuous growth in the sector of Electronics & Communication, will smartphones be smart enough in the coming future? Will they outlast the latest developments?

Bill Gates, a renowned Philanthropist now, who has been quite expressive of all the latest technologies we are surrounded by nowadays, has predicted a technology that would revolutionize the way we communicate and may bring smartphones to an end.

Does it hint at the end of mobile communication? Or, VoIP call through a smartwatch or any other smart gadget is ready to take over our lives like never before? The simple answer is, no!

So, what exactly is this technology that could replace smartphones that have become essential for our day-to-day activities be it personal to professional?

It’s an Electronic Tattoo!

Yes, you read it right; an electronic tattoo is an innovative method that seeks to collect and analyze data from the human body by leveraging biotechnology. The secret sauce behind the electronic tattoo is the secret ink that is used to apply the electronic tattoo on the skin, along with a few tiny sensors and trackers. The special ink used to draw tattoos conducts electricity that will be used to send and receive information.

We are already surrounded by electronics and how cool would it be to have an electronic tattoo? That obviously is a subjective thing but rest assured about what can be achieved with it. Bill Gates believes that irrespective of the fact that the technology is in the nascent stage, it has all the potential to scale to a level of replacing smartphones.

Chaotic Moon Studios, the company behind the path-breaking technology, is currently focussing on the medical field specifically. That means if you have an electronic tattoo on you, you will be able to monitor whether your body is functioning normally or not. If there are any signs of fever or other diseases you will be notified immediately. It also has a function to notify your preferred doctor at the same. You can also monitor your daily activities. Apart from this, they are also working on a way to store your medical documents in a digital format that can be accessed anywhere anytime, mitigating the chances of losing or unavailability of the original documents.

Here are a few characteristics that make electronic tattoos a better choice than smartphones:

  • Can track if any issues with your body that smartphones or smartwatches cannot.
  • Can track all the activities of your body with more accuracy, smartphones or smartwatch might need an external device for some things.
  • The seamless integration with the cloud to store your documents almost kills the need to carry them along, hence lowering the chance of losing the documents, whereas smartphones can be stolen.
  • Might help in reducing crimes.

The list of benefits that electronic tattoos can offer in the future is long, albeit it all is only assumptions for now. There is no end to what we can achieve with this technology. It already looks like it would be a breakthrough in its initial phase.

Although the way of communication here is quite unique, do you think that electronic tattoos will have any chance of replacing smartphones? Still being under development, and knowing how complex this is, we can surely wait and see how things develop.


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