Social Media Trends In 2014 : Content Is The Key. Niche Interest Networks Likely To Gain Importance! [STUDY]

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As 2014 is approaching closer, many analysts are drawing speculations about possible trends in the social media arena in the next one year. Marketers are referring various reports and study analysis to prioritize their business objectives based on trends in the social media arena. According to a specialist content marketing and social media agency, Kamber, Content promotion is going to be the key factor. The importance of content in the constantly evolving era of social media will remain a vital factor in the upcoming year. High-quality content, frequency of publishing content and promotion methodology are key factors to decide the rating of online and social media media trend 2014

Niche Interest Networks And Long-Time Content Creators To Reap Benefits In The Upcoming Year!

Although, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) dominates with a major chunk of communication happening on the social media platform with over 1.189 billion users, other micro-networks are likely to increase in prominence in 2014. Facebook has been revolutionary in terms of providing users with all possible requirements like social networking, news consumption, brand interaction, professional communication, job search, blogging and a lot more, but the trend is now shifting towards networking sites like LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE:LNKD), Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), Pinterest and Tumblr, as these websites are more focused on specific purposes and more evolved in those areas. Web Users’ online preferences are rapidly changing and interest-based networks are gaining more traffic and engagement.

Active brand followers love Pinterest and are addicted to the site and spend more time during the holiday shopping season. Pinterest users are 10% more likely to make a purchase than other major social networks. Professionals and teens often break into the realm of news and information on the micro-blogging site Twitter as 140 char long cheeky tweets hardly require time to read and fun to engage. Job seekers are likely to flood to the LinkedIn website as it has more than 2.6 million companies on the website and around 259 million users actively involved in business related discussions. Teens having issues with Facebook privacy are migrating to Tumblr. Above discussed niche interest network websites are bound to gain importance, hence marketers must use these sites effectively and post relevant content which is informative and useful for users.


All the brand websites which have had very poor results for generic terms as key words, are likely to see a boost in current humming-bird update by search giant Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG). Long-time content creators finally reap the rewards which they deserved. Roll out of ‘author rank’ which verifies the profiles of content creators and can make their content more visible within search results, is a vital move by Google in promoting personal blogs of web users across the globe. Bloggers are finally reaping rewards for their long-awaited stance of getting top ranks through SEO. Marketers are bound to revamp their website content to a more information seekers’ style of Googling, in order to appear at the top of search engine rankings.

SoundCloud, Infographic And SlideShare Usage On The Rise!

SoundCloud, with over 250 million users, 4th highest user base owned social network, headlines the audio sharing renaissance. SoundCloud adoption is expected to increase in usage and popularity as audio content becomes even easier to produce, consume and share. Infographics due to their soothing pictorial representation of the entire story has upsurged by over 7% in usage by brand marketers. People love engaging with Infographics due to the convincing story depiction within a flurry of pictures and taglines which make it easy to understand and consume lesser time to go through. SlideShare adoption increased by 17%, marketers widely use SlideShare to provide short presentations of entire brand related details or product promotion, as viewing slides gives a better picture about the story-line.

Content marketing is not new, but the techniques have totally evolved due to fast growing digital technology, social media and the Go-Mobile era. Marketers are increasingly adopting social media networking sites to market their content and incorporating rich media, SlideShare and Infographics to drive better engagement. Mobile optimization of brand websites and launch of mobile based Ad-campaigns for content marketing is a crucial move toward success of a firm. Content is going to be more spoken about and would differentiate a highly successful business with an average one. User-generated content contests are expected to rise with more brands and businesses adopting the method to feature user-created content on social media channels and gain wider attraction. Users can participate easily through various apps and platforms like Instagram, Vine and Twitter based on the type of contest.


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