Ecommerce In India: Customers Of Flipkart, Jabong and Snapdeal Are The Most Satisfied !! [Report]

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Being the third largest country in terms of Internet users, India is witnessing explosive growth in E-Commerce space. Majority of Indian Startups are consuming the warmth of E-Business model to en-cash the brewing opportunities between 7 million Indian e-commerce users and 150 million internet users in India.

A latest report from Google on ecommerce in India reveals that Indian consumers’ confidence in online shopping recorded 128% growth in 2012 compared to mere 40% in 2011.

But ecommerce in India is low compared to markets like the U.S, despite the strong Internet population of 130 million+ says a report from BoxMyTalk. BoxMyTalk a social media SaaS product in private beta has recently launched the “Social Quotient of e-commerce brands” report. The report has been created on the social interaction data of around 100 ecommerce Indian brands comprising of about 1.5 million mentions from September to December 2012, using BoxMyTalk as the social monitoring and analytic platform.


The social data across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and 20 major consumer sites has been monitored and analyzed on various important social metrics to assemble this report. The primary objective of the report is to bring out a comprehensive and insightful social media report on ecommerce industry in India.

Ecommerce in India, customer satisfaction score

The survey monitored a total of 7,889 conversations people had with respective ecommerce brands. Out of the conversations, 1490 were positive in nature while 977 & 5422 were negative and neutral respectively.

Flipkart and Jabong win top positions at satisfying its customers while Indiplaza and cleartrip are certainly failing at it. The report also throws light on how Flipkart could manage to generate these high satisfaction rates, it says, that Flipkart has a great offline service and superb delivery rates and its way of adapting social media also makes it to enjoy this satisfaction score.

customer satisfaction scores_report

Brand sentiments score

In monitored 84,422 brands mentions, 14,590 were positive and 4,132 were negative. In this segment Flipkart positions itself at top which is closely followed by homeshop18, yebhi and myntra. On the other hand FashionAndYou is falling to attract customers on social media platform. Looking closely at the graph, all the brands with a higher positive score are bigger than fashionAndYou and serve more customers and hence invite more customer delight.

Brand sentiment score_report

Customer service response time

Engagement is necessary for an ecommerce brands, it helps to keep the community buzzing, solving customer queries. While speaking about customer service, agility matters the most, and off late, people have started using social media sites like Twitter to express their views. It is observed that consumers prefer more to tweet than dialing a toll-free number. This simply means that your perception on social media will be hugely influenced by your agility in resolving customer issues. In addition, customers expect brands to attend their quires as soon as possible.


The survey monitored about 800 customer interaction tweets per day and found that more than half of them were actually responded at a much slower rate but rarely took more than a day to respond to one.

An interesting point here to note is that overall e-commerce brands have a commendable response time and generally reply within an hour. However, brands need to definitely work on response rates.

customer service response time_report

Queries response by time of the day

The graph below showcases that user queries by time of the day and the line chart in red represents the percentage points of the tweets replied by the brands.

It’s observed that users are actively querying brands round the clock, with more than 100 queries per hour coming between 9:00 AM and more than 300 per hour are seen between 11:00 AM and 19:00 AM. Out of these queries coming in between 13:00-14:00 sees the highest response rate from brands.

Most of the queries that got answered were tweeted between 11:00 AM and 06:00 PM. Therefore this necessitates the deployment of a 24 x 7 social media customer service channel by brands so that they can handle all queries in real-time.

Share of followers

Each and every day new users join social-networking sites. Flipkart maintains its 30% share even with new users joining every day. On the other hand, BookMyShow and Myntra show a continuous improvement in their follower share which is indicative of getting better at managing their social-media presence and attracting more followers.

Flipkart and Jabong are the best when it comes to delivering products with about 65% of positive sentiment.

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  1. In the flash poll listed at the end of the article, Jabong is way behind FK and Snapdeal whereas according to the Google survey, it’s way ahead of Snapdeal. Sounds fishy one way or another 🙂 Maybe Jabong has figured out how to fool Google’s survey or the folks reading this article are disproportionately negative about Jabong 🙂


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