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61% Of SMBs Get “No” ROI From Social Media Activities And Find Facebook “Hardest To Maintain” !! [Survey]

ROI_Social media activities
Despite the hype surrounding social media, SMBs invest a large chunk of capital on email - still restores a larger share of marketing spend than any of its contemporaries this year. Small and midsize businesses are allocating the largest share of their marketing budgets to email, with more than half spending up to 20% of their total marketing dollars on...

Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn Are The Most Used Social Sites For Content Marketing [Report]

percentage of marketers using social media channels
Content marketing strategy is a kind of marketing that involves creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire/engage consumers. Content marketing sees hike. According to the report, more than half (54%) of the B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget over next twelve months. It can be easily predicted that in the next twelve months,...

Time Spent On Social Networking Plunges In The U.S., The U.K, And Australia !! [Report]

Online activities_US_UK_Australia
Though social networking is the most online activity in emerging countries like India, the craze is almost getting perished in countries like the U.S., the U.K, and Australia. Recently we had reported that though Facebook is quite a popular social networking channel, 61% of respondents said that they had taken break from the site for at least once in the past, 20% of...

Social Media Marketing: Social Strategy Is Connected To Social Goals And Outcomes [Report]

Department at which there's atleast one social person
Social media marketing is the best way to connect with consumers, build social brand presence and understand consumers need. A couple of days before we had presented a mix of many reports from reputed firms who analysed digital marketing trends for this year, which can give you a clear idea of market spending.Its said that marketing professionals world-wide focus on social marketing this year. And, social...

LinkedIn (LNKD) Acquired Pulse: Competition With Facebook (FB) And Google (GOOG) Intensifies !!

The future of social networking sites is definitely going to be a massive marketing potential. Marketing in the new era, whether B2B or B2C, is about knowing the customers and engaging them. On the other hand, B2B marketing has made LinkedIn its prime focus in marketing compared to Facebook and Twitter says a study. It’s worth noting that 83% of...

Ecommerce In India: Customers Of Flipkart, Jabong and Snapdeal Are The Most Satisfied !! [Report]

Being the third largest country in terms of Internet users, India is witnessing explosive growth in E-Commerce space. Majority of Indian Startups are consuming the warmth of E-Business model to en-cash the brewing opportunities between 7 million Indian e-commerce users and 150 million internet users in India.A latest report from Google on ecommerce in India reveals that Indian consumers’ confidence...

Incivility On Social Media Sites Is On The Rise !! [Survey]

social behavior
Social media sites like Facebook help people to get connected to their friends and family, but sometimes, those connections take a wrong turn.Joseph Grenny, co-author of New York Times best-seller Crucial Conversations, conducted an online survey about hostility on social networks and ended up with some surprising results. The study included 2,698 respondents. According to Joseph Grenny, “Social media platforms...

Facebook-referred Traffic Improves Video Completion Rates [Study]

video content on Facebook
In this year B2B content marketing strategies show a drastic change by adopting various tactics such as, videos, research reports, mobile content and virtual conferences. And interestingly, video tops the list by 70% of respondents opting for it.Digital video consumption has grown 30% year over year in Q4 2012.From Q3 to Q4 2012 alone, video consumption grew 13%, Based...

Smartphone Users Check Social Media Sites Even Twenty Times A Day !! [Survey]

how many times do you check Email on smartphone
Gigantic numbers of Americans are purchasing smartphones daily, and more and more companies are developing new ways for those consumers to use their smartphones. So it is a market that is constantly evolving. So, smartphones have become part of everyday life for many Americans, who use them to check email, browse the internet, and update social media.Here is a...

Marketers In India Are Mostly Into Social Media Marketing !! [Report]

influence of social media on email
Adopting social media marketing strategy in your business is one of the best tactics to improve your business. Also, marketing professionals world-wide focus on social marketing this year. In addition, 80% of them said they planned to use social media data in their broader marketing efforts and they also think social marketing can drive business campaigns effectively.Majority of e-Marketers are focusing on Customer Acquisition via social media marketing in...

SMBs’ Email Marketing Budget Outbeats Social Media !! [Report]

Average marketing budgets_Email
Email remains a staple element in the marketing strategies of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Despite the emergence and hype surrounding many other digital marketing channels, such as paid search, SEO, and in recent years, social media, email still restores a larger share of marketing spend than any of its contemporaries.Just a few days back we had presented...

90% Of The Companies Use Social Media For Marketing Communication !! [Report]

adopted & used social sites
Social media is a networked platform for sharing information and interacting with others. It is different from traditional media in that there are no (or low) barriers to content creation and sharing among participants. For the most part, interested users self-select into a social network.Business to business marketing has made LinkedIn its prime focus in marketing compared to Facebook...

Facebook Mobile: 82% Use Their Device To Read News Feed !! [Study]

Checking Facebook on-the-go while?
Facebook is a popular social media platform where users spend a lot of time in communicating with their relatives and friends. It has a more convenient, convincing and visually interesting interface that other social networking platforms lack.Facebook knows to magnetize its users, a study says, 21% of users on Facebook use the site from 3 years to less than 5 years, 26%...

Social Media Users Support Social Good [Study]

Social networking sites have literally brought the world together. It brings in a feel of unity. This unity can do lot more than we think of doing. Did you know that these sites would become a prominent element for social good ?? Yes, a new study says that the unity we have in social networking sites can be definitely...

Social Media Marketing Sees Gains From Facebook !! [Study]

Brand followers on social sites
Adopting social media marketing channel in your marketing is one of the best tactics to improve your business. Its said that marketing professionals world-wide focus on social marketing this year. And, social media spending as a percentage of marketing budgets will be increased to more than two folds over the next five years. So social media has a great fortune in terms of marketing.Take...

Social Media Marketing Budgets To Double In Next Five Years !! [Report]

Adopting social media marketing strategy in your business is one of the best tactics to improve your business. 56% of marketers worldwide say that they want to integrate their Email marketing with social marketing this year. Also, marketing professionals world-wide focus on social marketing this year. In addition, 80% of them said they planned to use social media data in their broader marketing...

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