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fake news on Twitter

90% of Active Twitter Users Retweet Or Like ‘Fake News’ [STUDY]

Of the many harms that affect the political, economic, and social well-being, the most out-of-line practice is that of spreading false news. Littered with fake news, how exactly social media's active users plug away at the potential fake news?...
Twitter testing Encrypted Direct Messaging Feature

Twitter Testing Encrypted Direct Messaging Feature

Hot-off-the-press news has it that Twitter is apparently testing the security of direct messaging, which is evident from a code snippet spotted on the Developer tools. The feature can be found dubbed as "Secret Conversation" in the Android APK. This...
Facebook-Marketplace india

Facebook To Fuel eCommerce War in India With B2C Offerings

The world's largest social network is exhibiting commendable resilience after the recent fallout. Facebook is reportedly branching out in the e-commerce ecosystem. After disrupting India's payment sector with WhatsApp, the company is in works to expand its Marketplace with...
Instagram in-app payments

Instagram Launches In-App Payments To Monetise 800 Million+ User Base

As first spotted in TechCrunch reports, the widely used Picture-sharing app, Instagram added an in-app payment feature to its app. In quite a furtive manner, Instagram launched this feature which is currently available for some users. Although this roll-out...
Facebook Oculus Go

Facebook Banks on Oculus Go to Get On Mainstream Wave

Hosted in San Jose, Facebook F8, 2018 had some keynote announcements regarding the future of technology on a global platform, but what stole the show was the revelation of Oculus Go. The undeniable pacesetter was the unveiling of this trio...
new Outlook features

Microsoft Unveils New Features For Outlook To Compete With New Gmail

Revelations made earlier this week stated that Gmail upgraded its service with a renewed design. Following the redesign of Gmail, Microsoft has rebuilt outlook into quite a competitor with upgraded features. Microsoft has recently unveiled a series of new features...
Capgemini salary hike

Why Capgemini Employees Resorting To Twitter Against The Salary Hike

One of the largest IT consulting and outsourcing company, Capgemini, has received major backlash, after it announced its increment structure on 28th April, according to recent reports.Spread over 40 countries, Capgemini has 200,000 employees with 100,000 alone in India...
facebook scam

Facebook Scam: Impostors of Mark Zuckerberg Trick Users Out of Money

One of the big-league SoNet sites, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), is undergoing through the worst crisis in its 14 years history. The company, which has 2.2 billion monthly active users and about 27,742 employees as of Q1 2018, has so far suffered from...

Facebook Q1 2018 Results Reflect Stoical Behaviour Against Recent Troubles

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), the largest and recently beleaguered social network, continues to stack revenues and users amidst backlash. The privacy abuse and data mishandling fiasco didn't hurt Facebook's money machine and the business rose stoically as the company reported...
Twitter Q1 2018 results

Twitter Revenue And Profit In Q1 2018: It’s Getting Momentum Back

Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) is having a triumphant 2018 as the company reported its second profitable quarter on Wednesday. The company trounced the Wall Street's expectations as its revenue clocked $665 million in Q1 2018, an increase of 21% YoY. The overall monthly...
smugmug buys flickr

Can Flickr Revive Itself After Getting Acquired By SmugMug?

Flickr, the once red-hot online-photo sharing community, withered under the ownership of Yahoo and lost its sheen to close rivals in the market. The pioneering online social platform, that hosted photos long before it became a trend, has teamed...
facebook chipset

Why Is Facebook, The Social Media Company, Designing A Chipset?

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is planning to step into a whole different realm altogether. The idea to develop its own chipset by a company, known for its dominance over the internet, is a bit odd, albeit Facebook seems to be...
facebook face recognition

Facebook May Have To Cough Up Billions Of Dollars For Face Recognition

Amid the extant scandal, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is continuously encountering serious impediments in its journey. The recent privacy debacle has provoked people to think that social media is not so much fun - after personal data of millions of...
hello orkut

Orkut Says ‘Hello’ To India Once Again

Orkut was dead or it was in exile, for now, let's just say it was in a dormant state and finding a way to get its foot in the door. 'Hello', founded by Orkut Büyükkökten who was also the...
most trusted company

People Trust Apple More Than Google And Facebook

People seem to have full faith in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), still. There have been a bunch of incidents in the past for which Apple has faced criticism and earned distrust of consumers. For instance, the battery throttling scandal which...
Facebook bug bounty program

Facebook Bug Bounty Program: A Desperate Attempt To Win Back Users’ Trust?

Companies and business are observed confiding to users perceptions before taking a decision on an important issue or planning on their next move. The end user of a product or service is most likely to know both the good...

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