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Number of Daily Active Instagram Stories Users

Number of Daily Active Instagram Stories Users
 The above Dazeinfo GraphFarm represents the number of daily active Instagram Stories users, worldwide. In Facebook's Q4 2018 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said, "Instagram just passed 500 million daily actives on Stories".On August 2, 2016, Instagram launched 'Instagram Stories', globally. The 'Instagram Stories' allows users to post as many photos and videos as they want only to get disappear...

Instagram Monthly Active Users, Worldwide

Instagram monthly active users
 The above graph represents Instagram monthly active users, worldwide. In June 2018, the count of monthly active users of Instagram touched 1 billion. Currently, over a billion people are sharing their gorgeous moments of life through Instagram, every day.It was February 2013 when Instagram achieved the much-awaited milestone of 100 million users. It took Instagram little over a year...

Twitter Annual Revenue, Worldwide

Twitter Annual Revenue, Worldwide
The above graph represents the distribution of Twitter annual revenue starting from the fiscal year 2011.The fiscal year 2018 remained the most fruitful year for Twitter in terms of annual revenue. The company posted a healthy $3,042.35 million in revenue in 2018. The revenue posted by Twitter in the year 2018 increased by $599.05 million, resulting in 24.51% YoY...

Twitter Advertising Revenue, Worldwide, by Quarter

Twitter Advertising Revenue, Worldwide
 The above graph represents the growth in Twitter advertising revenue worldwide between Q1 2011 and Q4 2018. Twitter advertising revenue in Q4 2018 reached record-high $791.36 million, up 22.8% compared to the advertising revenue Twitter posted in the year-ago quarter.After not-so-encouraging quarterly growth in 2017, Twitter's advertising revenue in 2018 once again paints the promising picture. Overall, Twitter posted...

Twitter Annual Revenue by Segment

Twitter Annual Revenue by Segment
 The above graph represents the growth in Twitter Annual revenue by Segment from 2011 to the most recent quarter.In 2018, Twitter’s annual revenue rose to $3.04 billion, clocking 24.5% YoY growth. The growth in Twitter revenue was primarily driven by advertising, which accounted for nearly 85% of total revenue in fiscal 2018. Twitter advertising revenue in 2018 reached $2.61...

The Number Of Users Not Trusting Internet Anymore Is Quite Concerning [STUDY]

When "facts" don't work and people don't trust the internet anymore, that's when you know that the digital dominoes are falling!Past few years have been a blatant display of what one may call a litany of mishaps that reflect really bad on the digital media. For an instance, Facebook's confession of the inglorious "breach of trust" scandal wherein it...

Social Media Enabled Cybercriminals Generate $3.25 Billion Revenue Every Year: Report

social media cyber crimes
A study called "Social Media Platforms and the Cybercrime Economy" commissioned by virtualisation-based security firm Bromium has confirmed that social media enabled cyber crimes are generating revenue to the tune of at least $3.25 billion every year globally.Additionally, at least 20% organizations have been infected by viruses and malware spread over social networks. The report also revealed that more than...

Facebook Is A ‘Digital Gangster’, Intentionally Violating Anti-Competition Laws: Lawmakers

facebook gangster anti privacy law
A scathing 108-page report by British lawmakers has accused Facebook of acting like a digital gangster with scant regard for user privacy and flouting anti-competition laws.The report by the U.K. Digital, Culture, Media and Sports committee was published on Monday. It comes after an 18-month-old investigation into allegations of disinformation and fake news spread over the networking site.The report...

10 Most Disliked YouTube Videos

10 Most Disliked Youtube Videos
 The above graph represents the top 10 most disliked YouTube videos.  With 15.9 million dislikes, the YouTube Rewind 2018 emerged as the most disliked video on YouTube, since its upload on December 6, 2018. Uploaded on February 19, 2010, Justin Bieber's "Baby" is the second most disliked video on YouTube. As of February 2019, over 10 million people have clicked on the 'Dislike'...

Has Social Media Engagement Plateaued With The Rise in Platform-Specific Consumption? [REPORT]

social media engagement
How much time do digital consumers devote to social media each day? Is the behavioural pattern of users towards specific platforms changing with time? With such questions surfacing, one needs a comprehensive view of the key trends in Social media engagement, globally!This much-needed comprehension has been substantially put forth, to a quite relative extent, in the report recently released...

Social Media Usage On the Rise: Good Or Bad News for Businesses?

Miriam Kramer, the popular author at one of the world's most popular news websites Mashable, gave a precious piece of advice to the world this earlier this year, urging smartphone users to delete the Facebook app from their phones.Miriam pointed out that the mindless scrolling through the random updates posted by her mom's friends and the people whom she...

Facebook’s Crunch Conquest: By Relying Largely On The US Market, Is Facebook Running a Risk?

Two billion! That's Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) for you - Right when you thought that this social-media giant has already connected the entire world, it's proving that it can grow faster than ever before. In terms of logged-in users, Facebook ranks much above YouTube’s over 1 billion, Twitter's 326 million and Snapchat's 186 million.However, in a recent development, one observation...

Facebook Yearly Revenue and Net Profit From 2007 to 2018

Facebook Revenue and Net Income
 The above DGraph represents Facebook's annual revenue and net profit from 2007 to 2018, worldwide. In Q2 2018, Facebook posted a record revenue of $13,231 million, that's a massive 42% YoY increase. While the quarterly net profit reached $5,106 million, up 31% from the same period a year ago. A majority of Facebook's revenue comes from Advertising business.Interestingly, Facebook...

Twitter Revenue by Quarter

Twitter Revenue by Quarter
 The above DGraph represents the Twitter revenue by quarter, from Q1 2011 to the most recent quarter. In Q3 2018, Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) generated its highest-ever revenue of $758 million, that's a notable increase of 28.5% YoY.Interestingly, Q4 2015 was the first quarter when Twitter crossed $700 million mark in terms of revenue. However, when it comes to profit, it was...

Twitter Monthly Active Users Worldwide

twitter monthly active users
 The above graph represents the Twitter Monthly Active Users (MAUs) worldwide, from Q1 2010 to the most recent quarter.Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) monthly active users count has declined in Q4 2018 to 321 million. The total number of monthly active Twitter users is dropped 5 million from 326 million in Q3 2018.After posting record 336 million monthly active user base in...

Facebook Quarterly Revenue, Worldwide

Facebook Quarterly Revenue, Worldwide
 The above DGraph represents the worldwide Facebook quarterly revenue, from Q4 2010 to the most recent quarter.In Q3 2018, Facebook posted a quarterly revenue of $13.7 billion, globally. That's a significant 33% YoY increase. Interestingly, a whopping 98.6% of Facebook's total revenue in the third quarter came through Advertising. However, Facebook quarterly revenue grew a minimal 3.75% compared to the previous...

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