Global mobile phone market, in terms of handset sales, registered 3.6% growth in Q2, 2013. While the overall sales of mobile phones reached to 435 million units, Smartphone sales outpaced feature phone first time ever. Against 225 million Smartphones that were sold in the second quarter of the year, sales of feature phone totaled to 210 million. This resulted in negative year-over-year growth of 21 percent for feature phone market while Smartphone market witnessed 46.5 percent positive growth compare to a year back quarter.

In the second quarter of 2013, Smartphone accounted for 51.8% of total mobile phone sales, resulting in Smartphone sales leapfrogging feature phone first time ever. The Smartphone market growth in Q2, 2013 was primarily driven by ASIA-PACIFIC region that recorded 74.1 percent growth rate; Thanks to emerging local vendors and fastest adoption of low-price Smartphones. The region was followed by Latin America and Eastern Europe regions that registered 55.7% and 31.6% Smartphone market growth respectively.

Global Smartphone Market Q2 2013

In Smartphone Vendors, industry leader Samsung widened the gap with its closest rival Apple. Samsung’s Smartphone market share reached to 31.7% in Q2, 2013 while Apple shrinked to 14.2% market, losing 4.6% market share compare to same quarter a year ago. In Q2, 2013, Apple managed to sell more number of iPhone compare to same duration a year back though, the company failed to match the overall Smartphone industry growth. Samsung sold 71.3 million Smartphones in Q2,2013 compare to 31.8 million units (iPhone) by Apple. LG electronics – another Korean electronics giant – secured third position in Smartphone industry by selling 11.4 million handsets, followed by Lenovo and ZTE that sold 10.6 million and 9.6 million Smartphones respectively.

Google Android wiped out the complete Smartphone market in the second quarter with absolute no competition. Android powered nearly 177.8 million Smartphones sold in Q2, 2013 and captured 79% of Smartphone OS market. Microsoft overtook Blackberry by powering 7.4 million units, with 3.3% market during the quarter.

Global Smartphone OS Market Q2 2013

Samsung and Android presented the strong hold over the global Smartphone market in Q2, 2013. Out of 177.8 million Android Smartphones, sold in second quarter, Samsung made nearly 41% units. As the trend is doomed to stay for next few quarters, global Smartphone market is turning out to be a race of only 3 pacing up horses – Android, iOS and Windows Phone Os (Microsoft).

Source: Gartner