Most Downloaded Apps Q1 2019: The Rising Popularity of TikTok Challenges The Dominance Of Facebook

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The top three most downloaded apps in Q1 2019 has got a new entrant. Surprisingly, this new entrant is challenging the dominance of Facebook app family. It’s the Chinese app, TikTok, which is becoming more popular than WhatsApp and Messenger nowadays.

Tiktok continues to dominate the world of apps according to the recent report by Sensor Tower, which highlights the most downloaded apps in Q1 2019. According to the report, Tiktok ranks third in the overall list of most downloaded apps worldwide, falling behind only to WhatsApp and Messenger.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that TikTok is the only app in the top 5 of the list which is not owned by Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are the other two apps which have secured the 4th and 5th position, respectively, in the list of most downloaded apps Q1 2019.


It is important to note that it was the first time in January 2019 when TikTok crossed the one billion mark for worldwide installs on both, App Store and Google Play. This is including the lite versions of the app and its regional variations. India was driving the growth with an estimated total of 250 million new installs.

Let us look at it in a little more detail.

Most Downloaded Apps Q1 2019: iPhone Users In Love With TikTok

The list of most downloaded apps in Q1 2019 worldwide has no change compared to the list of the previous quarter. But, when the list is filtered based on apps store, Tiktok has had a different level of performances in the Apple App Store and Google Play in Q1 2019.

TikTok maintains its third position in the list of most downloads apps on Google Play in Q1 2019, falling behind WhatsApp and Messenger. The list of the top five most downloaded apps on Google Play looks identical to the list of most downloaded apps worldwide.

most popular apps on Google Play

The scenario, however, completely changes with respect to the Apple App Store. TikTok emerges as the most downloaded app on the App Store, ahead of YouTube and Instagram. Surprisingly, WhatsApp slips down to the fourth position followed by Messenger and Facebook app.


In the list of most downloaded apps on App Store, three out of five apps belong to Facebook, while TikTok has topped the list with a distinctive margin.

most popular apps on App Store Q1 2019

The love for TikTok among iPhone users in quite surprising as Apple users are largely known to stay hooked more with productivity apps. It was the fifth consecutive quarter when TikTok topped the chart of most downloaded apps on App Store.

However, in comparison to Google Play, where TikTok was downloaded by over 150 million users, it’s just over 33 million Apple App Store users who downloaded TikTok in Q1 2019. Overall, it’s WhatsApp which has topped the list with 223 million downloads in Q1 2019.

TikTok was one of the four apps on Google Play to cross 150 million downloads mark.

Unprecedented Growth of TikTok

As mentioned earlier, ByteDance’s Tiktok is the only app in the list of most downloaded apps worldwide in Q1 2019 which is not owned by Facebook. This is not a trend that emerged only in Q1 2019. The list of most downloaded apps worldwide in Q4 2018 was almost identical to the list in Q1 2019.

The growth in the new install of TikTok has been phenomenal as Q1 2019 represented 70% YoY increase in downloads. With such growth rate TikTok may soon leapfrog other apps to become the most downloaded app worldwide.

The unprecedented success of Tiktok is largely driven by its user base in India. Even in Q1 2019, India alone contributed a whopping 88.6 million new downloads, amounting 47% of its overall downloads. The lip-synching video app, however, has been facing troubled times in the country as well. On the 3rd of April, the Madurai branch of the Madras High Court gave an interim order to stop downloads of the app. This was done because of growing concerns about “pornographic and inappropriate content” being circulated through the social media app. The ban, however, was later lifted by the court.

The company is thrilled with the excitement and attention TikTok is garnering in India. To show its commitment towards India market, the management of ByteDance – the company that owns TikTok – announced the investment of $1 billion in India market during the next 3 years.


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