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Most Downloaded Apps Q1 2019: The Rising Popularity of TikTok Challenges The Dominance Of Facebook

top apps worldwide q1 2019
The top three most downloaded apps in Q1 2019 has got a new entrant. Surprisingly, this new entrant is challenging the dominance of Facebook app family. It's the Chinese app, TikTok, which is becoming more popular than WhatsApp and Messenger nowadays.Tiktok continues to dominate the world of apps according to the recent report by Sensor Tower, which highlights the...

Google Cracks Down On Millions Of Ads And Websites, Launches New Policy Manager

google ad policy manager
In an attempt to clear out improper advertisements and to better the working of the ad business, Google removed around 2.3 billion ‘bad ads’ that violated its policies. Not limiting its cleansing to selective ads only, Google has also been discovering sites that violate the policies of its ad networks.Google has fished out some 1.2 million pages, 22,000 apps,...

Popular iOS Apps Are Sharing Sensitive User Data With Facebook

iOS apps leaking users info to facebook
If you thought that using an iPhone or iPad helps you safeguard your personal data and shields you from data miners lurking around in the various app stores, you’re sadly mistaken.Apple has always said that it puts user security and privacy first!But when The Wall Street Journal looked into 70 of the most popular iOS apps, it found out...

India Is Gearing Up To Come Down Heavily On Chinese Apps

chinese apps india laws
The huge popularity of Chinese social media apps with the Indian audiences and the potential of havoc they could unleash has set the alarm bells ringing at the offices of Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY).To combat the menace of fake news and to clamp down upon possible illegal activities like terrorism, child pornography, blasphemy, etc, the IT ministry...

Google Play Sets The Transition Deadline For 32-bit Android Apps

Google play 32 bit apps deadline
New technology is developing fast in this day and age. However, it always takes its share of time before actually making it to widespread activity. Google is not known to advocate radical changes and cut off on traditional technology ruthlessly unlike Apple. However, they might be trying to do something similar in the case of their Android apps. In the...

Mobile App Users Are Now Even More Concerned About Privacy [REPORT]

mobile app permissions
There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, who have over 7 million apps at their disposal. Many of these applications seek permission to access our location, calls, camera and many others. Most of us are not comfortable with exposing none of our personal information though, to ease out various essential tasks in our daily life many times we...

India Is In The Midst Of An App Boom: How Can You Take Advantage Of It?

mobile app industry growth india
When it comes to the smartphone ecosystem, the APAC region, and India in particular, is undoubtedly one of the hottest prospects across the world. We have already analyzed the state of the smartphone market in India at length in the past. There is no doubt that India is rapidly becoming the next frontier for the smartphone manufacturers and represents the...

Why Is Apple Removing Thousands of Apps From the App Store?

Apple removing apps
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), in a bid to safeguard user's location data, has begun scraping apps from the App Store that violate the company's location data policies. As originally reported by 9to5Mac, the Cupertino giant is removing thousands of apps from the App Store that share location data with third-parties without explicit consent from the user.The cleansing efforts reflect how...

Google I/O 2018: AI Takes Over The First Day Highlights

The first day of annual Google I/O developers conference wrapped up promising some groundbreaking developments. CEO Sundar Pichai kicked off his official keynote by recognizing how the company has a "deep sense of responsibility" about the products and services it creates. Big announcements related to Google Assistant, Gmail, Youtube, AI and other Google products started pouring in as the...

Amazon Web Browser In India: The Secret Launch Is A Part Of The Bigger Strategy

Amazon web browser
With an unprecedented demand for 'lite' apps in emerging markets, the E-commerce giant Amazon has very quietly released its own Android web browser. It has one of the most generic names one could think of - "Internet: Fast, lite and private". What's more interesting is that the Amazon web browser app for Android didn't come under the radar and...

These Tech Gadgets And Apps Make Your Driving Experience More Memorable

gadgets and apps for driving
If you love buying new gadgets or adding new apps to your phone, you may want to think about getting some for your car. You can save money, improve your driving and make your entire car experience better with a few innovative tools. Consider the following tech gadgets if you want to upgrade your driving. Tools to Save Money If you...

Google Starts Suggesting If You Could Be Better Off With Lite Apps

download lite apps
Applications, more frequently called Apps, have breathed a new a life in smartphones. Of course, they do the task quickly and with lesser complications. Perhaps for the same reason, people seldom use browsers on their mobile devices. But, big and bloated apps can weigh down your smartphone. Sometimes the lag and prolonged loading time that comes with it is...

The Retention Rate of Travel And Lifestyle Apps In the US Reached Record High In 2017

travel and lifestyle apps retention rate
Ever since the internet, smartphones and apps have started dominating our lifestyle, the conventional travel agents and tour operators took a hard blow in the belly because travellers have found a much more approachable and convenient alternative. A lot of customers are growing accustomed to managing travel on their devices, thanks to mobile apps. In 2017, the number of mobile...

Google Took Down 700,000 Apps From Google Play In 2017

google removed apps
For long, Google Android ecosystem has been struggling with two major problems - fragmentation and vulnerable apps. And, if you are wondering why the issue has been discussed over and over again for years, you must read an article we published just a few months before on why Google should blame no one but itself for letting Android users lag...

Mobile App Downloads in Q3 2017: Record Breaking Growth Driven by India But Powered By China

mobile app downloads q3 2017
App Annie's report on global mobile app downloads in Q3 2017 is out, and once again demonstrates that the mobile app economy's incredible growth is not liable to slow down anytime soon. According to data from the report, the total mobile app downloads for Google Play and Apple App Store, combined, reached nearly 26 billion worldwide in Q3 2017 alone....

These Are Few of The Most Essential Mobile Apps For Your Business

most popular business apps
We are living in the era of technological progress. We are experienced Internet users, and everyone has personal accounts in different social networks. Hence, it goes without saying that the Internet can be a very useful tool to develop your business. Every successful company has its own site on the Internet where it can promote its goods or services....

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