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Facebook Has Pulled Off A Masterstroke By Integrating Its ‘Family Of Apps’?

whatsapp instagram messenger integration
It’s indeed hard to believe that ONE man sitting at Menlo Park, oversees how nearly a third of the world’s population interacts with each other in the online space.Incredible- isn’t t?Together, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, have more than 2.6 billion users. And three of those are among the world’s largest messaging networks. Mark Zuckerberg, the man who...

WhatsApp For Jio Phones Is Available To Download Now, Officially!

whatsapp change number feature
It's the second anniversary for Reliance Jio and the company is leaving no stone unturned to make it more memorable for its existing user base. To make it more adorable for Jio, Facebook's owned Whatsapp has announced the availability of Whatsapp for Jio phones which millions of Jio customers have been missing for the last two years.In a recent...

WhatsApp Rolls Out Its “Suspicious Link Detection” Feature For Beta Testers

WhatsApp Suspicious Link Detection
Good news for all WhatsApp users! For all the users who were tired with the spam links forwarded on WhatsApp, that more often than not contained malicious downloads, you all can heave a sigh of relief. WhatsApp has finally stepped up and solved the prolonged issue of receiving such spam links. Amidst increasing concerns regarding the circulation of fake...

WhatsApp Payment Service In India: Government Withheld The Launch, Again

whatsapp payment service in india
Amidst the struggle with raging controversies the launch of WhatsApp payment service in India is has been put on hold. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging has been denied the permission for the nationwide launch of its online payment service in the country, for the time being. Showing concerns regarding the usage and storage of the valuable user data by the...

Is India Really Heading Straight Towards “Surveillance State”?

India Surveillance State
"We seem to be moving towards a Surveillance State".The above line isn't fabricated or any way hammy. In fact, The Supreme Court today has agreed to look into the previous report, which was filed by the Central Government. The particular report was aimed at setting up a 'Social Media Communication Hub' in order to audit online data, and make sure that...

Top iPhone Apps On App Store Of All Time: Social And Gaming Apps Dominate

top iPhone apps on Apple App Store
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its highly popular app platform - App Store. The App Store was launched on 10 July, 2008 with just 500 unique apps. In the last 10 years, the number of unique apps on App Store has increased to over 2 million. Consequently, Apple App Store is slowly turning into a battleground for...

WhatsApp Announces Rewards To Curb Violence-Inducing Fake News

The largest messaging app, WhatsApp has been taken into the task by the Indian government in the aftermath of killings across the country, which was, shockingly, sparked by fake news.WhatsApp has launched a research program in several key markets, including India, to curb the menace created by circulation of fake news, and violence-inducing content. WhatsApp announced, “unrestricted monetary awards”...

Why WhatsApp Founders Exited Facebook Leaving $1.3 Billion On The Table: The Expensive Split

Whatsapp founders
In the wake of the recent, ugly and expensive split between Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and its biggest-ever acquisition, WhatsApp, many hot-news have been emerging. One such report by Wall Street Journal states that with the long-standing dispute over ads and revenue generation, WhatsApp's co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum gave up $1.3 billion by leaving Facebook before they were eligible for stock awards.While...

WhatsApp Sharing Payments Data With Facebook: A Threat To Other Payments Companies In India?

WhatsApp sharing payments data with Facebook
Following months of anticipation, WhatsApp launched its peer-to-peer payment feature in the month of February 2018, putting forth a strong parley to India’s digital payments ecosystem. However, con-tempo news state that, this feature has been a reason for India's Central Bank and Ministry of Information Technology to raise their brows regarding its subsistence. As per reports, the Reserve Bank of...

WhatsApp Change Number Feature: A Long Due, Much Needed

whatsapp change number feature
WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that was long due and needed by those who keep juggling with or upgrading new smartphones devices very frequently. The enhancement in WhatsApp Change Number feature will allow users to access their WhatsApp data, including chat history and image, on a new device without going through the tedious process of device-to-device migration.Though...

Facebook Is Finally Monetizing WhatsApp By Allowing Businesses To Communicate Directly With Users

whatsapp business app
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) owned WhatsApp is reportedly set to introduce a number of features targeted at businesses and enterprises in a bid to take advantage of the massive user base of the popular messaging platform. This is a huge change in policy direction for the company and could have huge ramifications for both WhatsApp and its rivals. WhatsApp is currently the largest...

How WhatsApp Conquered The Instant Messaging Space With 1 Billion Daily Active Users

WhatsApp daily active users
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) recently revealed their financial results for Q2 2017 which was extremely positive across Facebook's substantial network of apps and services. However, the star of the show was undoubtedly WhatsApp, which has gone from strength to strength to consolidate its position as the largest messaging app in the world. Facebook acquired the relatively small platform (at the time) way...

Why Are Google, Facebook And Whatsapp Bullish About Digital Payment Services?

google to integrate UPI
India is going digital. From productivity to entertainment, Indians are increasingly reliant on technology to fulfil their myriad needs. However, while numerous facets of the Indian industry have adopted digital platforms readily, financial transactions remained anachronistically antiquated for a long while. This situation was turned on its head in late 2016 due to the demonetization move made by the Indian...

Can Hike Finally Knock Whatsapp Off From The Top With Their New Integrated Mobile Wallet?

Hike Wallet
In what can be considered a big win for the underdog, homegrown Indian messaging app Hike has released their mobile wallet system before any of their competitors. In a market where numerous players are looking to make a splash, Hike has managed to gain a significant advantage by being the first one there. Hike's new service will allow both,...

A Major Loophole in WhatsApp Allows Hackers to Take Over Your Account

whatsapp hacking
A recent finding by Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. throws light on how susceptible messaging apps are to hacking and data theft. The discovery by Check Point, mentioning especially Whatsapp and Telegram, which contain a critical security flaw in their end-to-end message encryption process. This makes both their online platforms – WhatsApp Web and Telegram Web - vulnerable to...

Mobile Messaging App Users In India: 16.6% CAGR, 231 Mln By 2020

mobile messaging app users in India
The number of mobile messaging app users in India is growing steadily; all thanks to the adoption of Smartphones and mobile Internet. Interestingly, the growth of mobile messaging apps in India has now surpassed the growth of social networking sites. Let's take a look at the changing landscape of the mobile messaging app market on Indian grounds.According to a new...

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