WhatsApp’s new feature will take your calling experience to a whole new level!

Tired of SPAM calls on WhatsApp? The social media giant Meta will soon roll out two new features on its messaging platform with an aim to combat spam activities and enhance your calling and messaging experience.

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Although the WhatsApp Community feature allows users to connect with many people at once, it also leads to sharing phone numbers and inboxes with people we hardly know. Currently, there is no option to mute WhatsApp calls from unidentified numbers, leaving users with only the choice of accepting or declining the calls. However, this issue will soon be addressed as Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: META) is reportedly developing a new feature, “Silence Unknown Callers”, which will silence calls from unknown numbers.

Spam on WhatsApp is not a recent phenomenon; it continues to come back in numerous ways. Not only do WhatsApp users receive calls from unknown numbers, but they also receive messages from unknown numbers that may contain spam or advertisements.

A recent survey conducted by LocalCircles found that 95% of WhatsApp users in India have reported receiving at least one promotional or spam message daily. What’s even more alarming is that 41% of users receive four or more annoying messages daily!

However, Whatsapp users can block and report unwanted messages from spammers. Additionally, Meta has taken a step to tackle the persistent issue of unsolicited calls from unknown numbers by developing a new feature for WhatsApp users.

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is currently developing a feature that will permit Android users to silence calls from unsaved contacts. Although the feature is still being developed, it is anticipated to be released soon for testing.

After its release, users can activate the “silence unknown callers” feature by accessing the app settings. Upon activation, all incoming calls from unknown numbers will be silenced. Nonetheless, users will still receive notifications about the calls through the notification bar. With this feature, there will be no need to mute all calls or notifications on WhatsApp to avoid unsolicited calls.

WhatsApp Split View Feature

WABetaInfo reports that Meta is also working on a “Split View” feature for its WhatsApp tablet users. Currently, the feature is accessible for testing on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android OS-powered tablets and is expected to be launched for all users shortly.

Upon release, the updated interface of WhatsApp will enable users to multitask within the app by utilizing a large display of tabs. In addition, the “split view” feature will allow users to track multiple conversations simultaneously and switch between them easily. Moreover, the new split feature will enable users to manage and organize chats and take action on status or calls without closing the current chat window.

In addition, WhatsApp is working on several other features to improve the user interface and privacy on the platform. One of the forthcoming developments is the ability for users to edit any sent WhatsApp message, which is currently being developed for iOS users. The new edit message feature will enable iOS users to edit any sent message within a 15-minute timeframe.

This WhatsApp edit message feature will enable users to make corrections or add additional information to the original message without having to delete and retype the entire message, saving time. The feature is currently in development, but it is anticipated to be available soon for WhatsApp iOS beta users.

With the upcoming mute call feature on WhatsApp, users will soon be able to eliminate the annoyance and disturbance caused by spam calls. As a result, Meta provides its users complete control over their calling experience on WhatsApp. By empowering users with this feature, WhatsApp has taken a significant step towards improving its user experience and maintaining its position as one of the world’s most popular messaging and calling platforms.


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