Perplexing Dilemma: Combining Work and Study for Students

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The two essential aspects of a student’s life are work and study, and they are both demanding! It requires dedication and a good state of mind. It is a puzzle that students want to solve how they can afford studies and also survive.

According to a recent research paper released by Georgetown University, nearly 70% of student in America indulge in working during their college. Indeed, that’s a staggering figure!

Another research highlights that students who work while studying get better grades. It helps students to have a more structured and balanced lifestyle besides getting a chance to get connected with people on campus.

However, handling both work and study at the same time can be exhausting and challenging, but it can be possible. Many students work and study, and everyone who wants to join them has to find a balance between two things. That is why it is vital for you to be aware of what you are committing yourself to before taking that path.

Advantages of Working during Study

Here are things you need to think of before fully committing yourself to a job during studying.

  • Stable income

It is the first advantage that comes to mind. It is an excellent opportunity to earn money. Students know that getting a part-time job will fix their financial problems. Making money is a decision that one should not take lightly, because you have to understand the kind of responsibility you are putting on yourself. Do not just think of money but the skills you will develop.

  • Ability to spend money wisely

Having a job not only helps you learn how to earn but also how to spend that money wisely. With your first pay-cheque, you will be inclined to spending that money on little things that you have always wanted, but it would be wise to save. Life has a lot of surprises, and you can’t know when you will need that money in the future

  • Time management skills improvement

For any employee being late doesn’t show excellent characteristic. It shows you are irresponsible and have no respect. Some students believe you have to compromise on something so that you work and study. That you will have to skip some classes to be on time for work, this is not particularly true. You can get a job with a flexible schedule. Then talk to your manager if you could fix your time according to your class schedule. Manage your time well, have a study plan and when necessary, order from “write my paper” services for students. When working and studying it will open you the value of time and how to manage it wisely.

  • Valuable experience

Whichever job you find it will always add to the experience for you to have. Your communication skills will be improved because of the work environment. A student who knows how to interact with others is more likely to get a job than the one who doesn’t. Working will help you solve problems, get a solution to all kinds of issues and also be responsible.

Disadvantages of Work and Study

  • Bureaucracy issues for foreign students

International students usually have to go through more stages before getting a job. They will have to prove they are students and have the authorization to work. This authorization doesn’t allow them to work in private business sectors, so the only place they can work is the college itself.

  • Constant exhaustion

You should be ready to have sleep deprivation. When working, feeling tired all the time is one of the components. Even if you have excellent time management skills, exhaustion is one of the drawbacks. It might end up affecting your health, and you will need to rethink about working because your health is more critical than money.

  •   Lack of time

Having a job while still studying will make you refuse an invitation from friends because you lack the time for fun, this is a sad fact. You won’t always resist but the time you spend with your friends will reduce.

  • Thoughts of leaving college

It is one of the adverse effects of earning money before finishing your studies. A student starts to think there is no need to get a diploma if they can get work without it. People who have managed to start a business without academic degrees are sure that it is better to have one because not everyone is lucky to be employed without a diploma.

In the current modern world, education has become expensive, and some students look for jobs so that they can settle their loans and bills. Working and studying have advantages and disadvantages, so you need to weigh these very carefully before deciding what to do. Do not look at the money side of things but also consider that you won’t have much of social life, and because of all pressure surrounding work and study, it may affect your health.

Try and keep a balance by using assistance where you can. Yes, you need the money, but you also need assistance with other things. So do not hesitate to accept that help when you need it.


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