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Perplexing Dilemma: Combining Work and Study for Students

student work study balance
The two essential aspects of a student’s life are work and study, and they are both demanding! It requires dedication and a good state of mind. It is a puzzle that students want to solve how they can afford studies and also survive.According to a recent research paper released by Georgetown University, nearly 70% of student in America indulge...

Students Are Funding Their Own Studies Nowadays without Skipping Classes

It may appear as if life on campus is easy. Well, it is not!There is a lot of pressure from every corner: the stressful classes, parents and social life. All of this contributes to the struggle. Apart from these issues, students are weighed down by student loans. And the high cost of going to college has a significant impact...

Microsoft’s Latest Acquisition Is Kindling Out A Fresh Google Rivalry

acquisition of Flipgrid
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), amidst hip fanfare, welcomes a new member into its family- Flipgrid!As per the blog released, the acquisition of Flipgrid by Microsoft is one conspicuous strategy of winning share in the field of Education. Flipgrid is a social education app which lets students record and share the short video clips on specific topics, to create collaborative lesson plans. The...

Future of Learning Is Here! Online Learning Is Shaping Today’s Education Trends

learn chinese online
The internet has left almost nothing of modern life untouched. We have apps for everything from getting a date to getting to that date. So it should be no surprise that education is being shaken up in a big way.Of course, we’ve seen lots of big promises from new technologies and education. Especially education that happens at a distance....

Microsoft Invests $250 Million More Into Its Ed-Tech Program: Why The Private Company Needs To Invest In Such Education Programs?

It’s pretty much known, Microsoft has been running Learning Global Forum project program--a global professional development program to equip teacher to cater IT and other future looking subjects to students-- since 2003. Yesterday, Microsoft added another $250 million to its partners in this project. In this way, Microsoft has invested $750 million in the project since its launch.You might...

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