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Number of Daily Active Instagram Stories Users

Number of Daily Active Instagram Stories Users
 The above Dazeinfo GraphFarm represents the number of daily active Instagram Stories users, worldwide. In Facebook's Q4 2018 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg said, "Instagram just passed 500 million daily actives on Stories".On August 2, 2016, Instagram launched 'Instagram Stories', globally. The 'Instagram Stories' allows users to post as many photos and videos as they want only to get disappear...

Instagram Monthly Active Users, Worldwide

Instagram monthly active users
 The above graph represents Instagram monthly active users, worldwide. In June 2018, the count of monthly active users of Instagram touched 1 billion. Currently, over a billion people are sharing their gorgeous moments of life through Instagram, every day.It was February 2013 when Instagram achieved the much-awaited milestone of 100 million users. It took Instagram little over a year...

Facebook Has Pulled Off A Masterstroke By Integrating Its ‘Family Of Apps’?

whatsapp instagram messenger integration
It’s indeed hard to believe that ONE man sitting at Menlo Park, oversees how nearly a third of the world’s population interacts with each other in the online space.Incredible- isn’t t?Together, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, have more than 2.6 billion users. And three of those are among the world’s largest messaging networks. Mark Zuckerberg, the man who...

Happy Birthday Kevin Systrom: The Born Entrepreneur With Midas Touch

Kevin Systrom Instagram Cofounder
Focusing on one thing and doing it really, really well can get you very far. Over a decade ago, a term called ‘photo addiction’ never existed. The era of smartphones with better camera opened the gates for this new idea. Seizing the opportunity of the new found market Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom launched Instagram on October 6, 2010. Within hours...

Social Media Usage On the Rise: Good Or Bad News for Businesses?

Miriam Kramer, the popular author at one of the world's most popular news websites Mashable, gave a precious piece of advice to the world this earlier this year, urging smartphone users to delete the Facebook app from their phones.Miriam pointed out that the mindless scrolling through the random updates posted by her mom's friends and the people whom she...

Instagram Influencer Account: A Lot More To Access, Envisioned And Enjoy!

instagram influencers account
Instagram is working on a new account type specially designed for the influencers. The creator-specific account type will allow the users to have access to the new features Instagram is reportedly working on. These features will help users to have a more in-depth understanding of their influence, followers and post popularity.In 2016, Instagram had introduced a business profile to...

As Instagram Joins The List, Founders of Acquired Startups Parting Ways With Mark Zuckerberg

instagram co-founders exit facebook
It's been a series of executive departures for Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) now and the latest one to join the wave are Instagram co-founders!In consonance with revelations by The New York Times, as a result of fueling tensions now and then, the Chief Executive Founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, are leaving Facebook. This comes in the...

Top 10 Most Followed People On Instagram 2018

 The above DGraph represents the top 10 most followed people on Instagram as of 2018, worldwide. The ranking is sorted by the number of followers. Interestingly, after Instagram's own account, Selena Gomez is the most-followed person on Instagram, with 142 million followers.Instagram, a photo and video sharing app, has surpassed 1 billion monthly active users, worldwide. The mobile-only photo...

Is YouTube Feeling the Heat From Instagram IGTV, Already?

Instagram IGTV
YouTube has always been the go-to platform for all the online videos, for a very long time now. However, with the rapid technological advancement, the video streaming services have evolved to a very great extent. Today, there are a lot of options available for the users, in case they wish to kill their time through watching online videos. Instagram...

Instagram Hacked: Millions Of Users Locked Out Of Their Account

instagram is hacked
First things first; Instagram is hacked!Millions of Instagram users across the world are suspecting about the possible hack of their Instagram account, possibly the result of so-called spam bot attack. In the last few hours, the number of complaints is rising as people are not able to log in again into their accounts after been logged out unintentionally. The situation...

The Soaring Valuation Of Instagram Guarantees 100x Return For Facebook

instagram valuation
A pivot for millions of envy-inducing snaps, Instagram has emerged as the titan of social media. The unprecedented growth is translating in the valuation of Instagram as well. With its box full assortment of memes, gifs, this photo-sharing platform would have celebrated its rococo worth more than $100 billion, if it were a stand-alone company.Instagram recently reached a billion...

Teens Ditching Facebook For Youtube And Snapchat Faster Than Before [STUDY]

teens ditching Facebook
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is losing teens to Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram. This fact is, by all means, true according to recent research conducted by Pew Research Center.Facebook, launched by Mark Zuckerberg in a small dorm about 14 years from now, has been at a real quick-propel towards achieving global domination over other social media platforms. However, the survey done by...

The New Feature of Instagram: A Threat For Facebook, YouTube?

instagram long form video
Video consumption on mobile is an all-time high. It is helping to drive the social engagement better than anything else besides garnering more comments and more likes. Probably that’s the reason all social media giants are trying hard to capture more eyeballs. After YouTube and Facebook, it's Instagram - offers users to share photos as well as hasty glimpses of...

Instagram Launches In-App Payments To Monetise 800 Million+ User Base

Instagram in-app payments
As first spotted in TechCrunch reports, the widely used Picture-sharing app, Instagram added an in-app payment feature to its app. In quite a furtive manner, Instagram launched this feature which is currently available for some users. Although this roll-out has been much anticipated, it comes out in its testing-phase only.Instagram in-app payments feature will let you register a debit...

US Digital Ad Industry 2017 – 2019: Google And Facebook Continue to Dominate At Twitter’s Expense [REPORT]

US Digital Ad Industry
The latest data from eMarketer emphasizes what many of already know; Google and Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) are the kings of the US digital ad industry. Together, the two tech giants will account for 63.1% of the investment in digital ad industry in the US in 2017.Despite the competition from new entrants in the market, along with old-time rivals, both...

Instagram Marketing: Brands Must Focus More on Video Content Than Image For Greater Engagement

number of instagram users
The exploded popularity of Instagram, especially among teens, has caught the eyeballs of content marketers. In the last four years, the number of Instagram users has gone up by seven folds. Brands are actively campaigning on Instagram to lure a sizable share of 700 million Instagram users worldwide. At the time when Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are evolving as...

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