Facebook Inc. (FB) Gets 293K Status Updates Each Minute: Internet In 60 Seconds ! [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It takes two minutes to cook Maggi noodles, but a lot more happens in just one minute. Millions of videos are viewed, thousands of statuses are uploaded, and millions of search queries are sent in a minute. It was difficult to guess a decade before that internet would occupy such a huge part of our life. The data consumption on mobile devices is likely to increase ten times by 2019 of what it was in 2013; and why not, when the data-hungry consumers are devouring information in all forms, so rapidly and by 2020, the data consumption is expected to reach 607 terabytes at the rate of 39 mbps.

With the help of an infographic, Qmee has brought the mind-boggling numbers that describe the numerous events that take place in one minute. These are the latest statistics captured over the period of one year. The data has been curated from tens of different sources that monitor internet space closely around the clock.

  • The calls on Skype went down to 88,000 this year from 1.4 million last year.
  • Interestingly, there has been no change in the one minute task of Spotify and tracks downloaded from iTunes.
  • The professional network of LinkedIn is increasing per minute with 120 new users.
  • The number of emails sent out per minute went down from 204 million emails in 2013 to just 138.88 million which included spam mails.
  • The number of domains registered and the websites uploaded per minute remained same over the period of one year.
  • Amazon sells 25,000 items in one minute. This portrays the growing influence of e-commerce globally.
  • Qmee has covered Vines for the first time and in just a minute, 540 vines were sent in 2014. However, another infographic claims that per minute, 8,333 vine videos are shared.
  • The majority of brands witnessed a decline in the happenings over a minute.  Facebook, Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG), YouTube were few of the brands that experienced a growth in their numbers since 2013.

The internet is a vast network and no single brand can control it thoroughly. Out of the 5 million terabytes of data, Google controls a meager 0.004% of all data and the number of estimated servers has reached 75 million. With the increasing adoption of technology, the usage is likely to grow multi-fold.

online in 60 seconds infographic a year later



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