The State of The Internet: Mobile Advertising Is The Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The success of digital marketing does not require any assurance from the fortune tellers, it is all evident in the data. All you may need is a reliable source and some help from an advertising agency. One of the recent Infographic from MDG Advertising highlights the five latest data-driven trends of the state of the Internet that are playing a crucial role in shaping up the industry. Besides, it is important for marketers to pay attention to these trends to reach the potential customers and generate convincing ROI for the investment.

Focus on Mobile Advertising

Mobile accounts for 24% of the time internet users spend on social media. This is quite an impressive considering the growth of mobile, especially smartphone, has been meteoric in the recent few years. In contrast, marketers are spending only 8% of the total ad spend on mobile advertising. The gap is disappointing as quite a large part of the market remain untapped and. The significance of the gap could be well understood with the fact that it is $25 billion worth opportunity in the US alone.

mobile advertising impact on technology trends

The impact of mobile on social media could be understood with the growth of Facebook mobile users and the share of revenue coming from mobile. The number of Mobile Daily Active Users has already surpassed 844 million, which amounts to 60% of the total user base. In Q2 2015, Mobile advertising had constituted nearly three-fourth (76%) of the total advertising revenue of Facebook.

These figures clearly indicate the growing impact of mobile on social media advertising. It is high time for marketers to focus on mobile and social media; for sure, these are the new age revenue generators.

Twitter and YouTube: Most Favorites of Marketers

Most of the marketers are focused on reaping benefits from Facebook, the massive user base of nearly 1.5 billion internet users is definitely convincing enough for marketers and brands to adopt Facebook-first marketing strategies.  However, soon it’s going to change as 66% marketers among the 3,720 surveyed said YouTube and Twitter are the prime networks to stay focused on. While the survey didn’t ask any specific reason behind their choices but apparently the growing adoption of video content helped them make the selection.

YouTube and Twitter marketing

Facebook Accounts for Lion’s Share of Marketing Budgets

YouTube and Twitter, though, win the trust of social media marketing experts, Facebook leads the race in ad spending. Marketers are apparently finding better ROI from their marketing dollars being spent on Facebook, which accounts for 53% of total digital ad spending.

top digital networks for advertising

Google and Twitter with 38% and 31% respectively remain the other top favorite of marketers. YouTube, however, doesn’t excite marketers enough to bet upon. Therefore, marketers spend only one-fourth of their total digital ad spend on YouTube. It is also interesting to learn that despite YouTube challenging Facebook in video traffic, ad spend is approximately half of what marketers are spending on Facebook.

China: The New Digital Innovation Hub

Silicon Valley’s monopoly is under threat, China is emerging as the new hub of digital innovation. The Chinese instant messaging app WeChat witnessed 1 billion “red envelopes” on the Chinese New Year eve. Moreover, the leading chinse social and mobile messaging networks, such as Moments, WeChat, have emerged as the top platforms accounting for 20% and 29% of the daily usage by worldwide users.

Mobile is the future and China has got a kind of monopoly in this space. Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi and Huawei control the majority of the domestic market and are among the top mobile OEMs worldwide. Quite recently Xiaomi, just a five-year-old startup, became the fastest growing tech startup in the world with $46 billion valuation.

Mogujie and Meilishuo emerged as successful social commerce sites integrating content, community, and sales. Food delivery sites nearly generated $1 billion business in 2015.

Technology Transforming Consumer to Digital Consumer

The emerging technology transformed consumer into a digital shopper; The technology penetration, however, remains least in Government, Regulation, and Policy Thinking. Education and Healthcare experienced a median impact of technology. With the changing equation at the global front, Consumer and Business are the top sectors that would have a positive impact on from the digital revolution.

Sectors impacted by the technology trends


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