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An enthusiastic learner on the spree of social media analysis. On a voyage to unleash the unseen dimension of ever amazing Social Media.
Jack Ma

Happy Birthday Jack Ma: An Unbeaten Optimist Crazy Jack of Alibaba Group

An optimist finds an opportunity in every failure. Flip-flops are an integral part of life. But, few men stand out of the...
alan mamedi

Happy Birthday Alan Mamedi: The Undisputed King Of Mobile Phone Numbers

As the world is heading towards 10 billion mobile phone subscribers, spam calls are on the rise. With sophisticated technology in place and easily...
Ma Huateng

Happy Birthday Ma Huateng: The Man Who Owns Facebook, WhatsApp Of China

The winning horse of the Chinese internet market and one among the Chinese billionaires, though not started anything unique and innovative but executed them in...
Charles Rolls

Happy Birthday Charles Rolls: The Co-Founder of Rolls-Royce

Speed, motor, aviation these words always inspired this young boy to become the first motorist in the campus of Cambridge to drive...
Nick Denton

Happy Birthday Nick Denton: The Founder of Gawker Media

The blog post is the quick reach of the day. Establishing one such blog network company with a huge reader community is awesome....
Steve Chen

Happy B’day Steve Chen: An Asian Scientist Worth Watching On YouTube

Inspired by Flickr, the three friends working together brought a conception of online video platform into reality. Little does one can imagine today sharing...
Charlie Cheever

Happy Birthday Charlie Cheever: Quora Is A Real Disruptor of Q&A Forum

Old wine in a new bottle appeals a lot more eyes and attracts high scores. With reorganizing things in a presentable manner within...
Lakshmi Mittal

Happy Birthday Lakshmi Mittal: The Indian Origin Steel King

Born in a village of Rajasthan, India, the journey to transform himself into one of the world’s richest men is incredible. His birthplace lacked some...
Bill Gates Microsoft pic@2x

Happy Birthday Bill Gates: The Multiple Shades Of The Co-Founder of Microsoft

From “Tic-tac-toe” to “Microsoft”; the path to triumph he foresaw to become a successful entrepreneur transformed him to a billionaire at the age of...
state of the internet

The State of The Internet: Mobile Advertising Is The Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

The success of digital marketing does not require any assurance from the fortune tellers, it is all evident in the data. All you may...

Facebook Marketing In Diwali: Users Upload 1.5x More Photos And 3x More Videos Using...

Soon after Dussehra, Diwali is fast approaching in India to fill the place with joy and pomp throughout. Festival time is a family time...
facebook news feed

49% Of Facebook News Feed Sessions End With Users Seeing Only 4 Posts [REPORT]

News Feed section on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) forms the interactive channel users connect with the most. Facebook displays updates from brands, Friends, Events, and Groups...
Facebook alert feature

Facebook New Alert Feature Keeps Users Protected from Attacks

It is no secret Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is graduating with each passing day by introducing new features and carving a niche to enclose its users,...

Steve Ballmer Buys 4% Stake In Twitter: Boon Or Bane ?

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and the owner of Clippers basketball team has bought 4% stake of the microblogging...

Oversharing Is Making Internet User Vulnerable To Hackers [INFOGRAPHIC]

The user base of the internet has increased manifold to gulp the globe almost. With the invasion of new mobile devices like smartphone and...

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