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An enthusiastic learner on the spree of social media analysis. On a voyage to unleash the unseen dimension of ever amazing Social Media.
Narayana Murthy

Happy Birthday Narayana Murthy: The Father of Indian IT Industry

The sky is the limit for passionate achievers. Today, Indian IT industry has reached a new phase and indeed has undergone transformations since 1980....
Satya Nadella

Happy Birthday Satya Nadella: An Inspirational Leader Yet Lifelong Learner

Growth is constant and indeed it is been the law of nature and mother earth is been evident of this fact. Learning is one...
Iqbal Quadir

Happy Birthday Iqbal Quadir: The Mobile Phone Architect of Bangladesh

“Connectivity is productivity” The phrase may appear simple though it has a far reach. Poverty being a humungous enemy of the growing populace connectivity...
Steve Wozniak

Happy Birthday Steve Wozniak: The Brain Behind Apple Inc.

Seldom are the people who carve out their niches to be unique and live on the lines of “Nothing is impossible to a willing...

Happy B’Day Sky Dayton: The Sky is No Limit for Your Perception

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, these lines portray the evolution of mother earth and similarly the human life from nomadic state to a...
Travis Kalanick Uber

Happy Birthday Travis Kalanick: The Man Behind The World’s Most Valued Startup, Uber !

The perception of a platform that caters the needy with the essential services and reinventing it into a reality is amazing. With sales being...

Happy Birthday Reid Hoffman: The Silicon Valley’s Grand Master

Little did the world imagined a professional social network LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) originated in 2002 stands out to be one of the widely used networks...
Fabrice Grinda

Happy Birthday Fabrice Grinda: The Extraordinary Tech Entrepreneur

Venturing into unknown with known strategy is always been the unique selling point of the entrepreneur Fabrice Grinda. Developing an investment strategy is not...
henry ford

Happy B’Day Henry Ford: The Creator of Model T Car

At times, a trial and error method can work wonders. However, success demands courage, dedication, perseverance and relentless hard work. As a teenager, Henry...

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