Happy Birthday Alan Mamedi: The Undisputed King Of Mobile Phone Numbers

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As the world is heading towards 10 billion mobile phone subscribers, spam calls are on the rise. With sophisticated technology in place and easily accessible database, it is soaring further. It is, therefore, important to have an account of all the numbers in use, of course, it may be exaggerating to get hold of all the numbers at regular intervals. Nonetheless, the perception of an online registry holding worldwide numbers is a great thought. Thanks to the venture of Alan Mamedi that keeps track of the phone numbers, fake callers and spread awareness about the fake numbers. The venture is none other than Truecaller originated in Stockholm, Sweden.

The unique thought of online call directory started off as a hobby project gained 10,000 users in the first week of the inception of Truecaller. Today, over 250 million people are using Truecaller, globally and nearly 60% of them comes from India alone. On the 34th birth anniversary of co-founder and CEO of Truecaller – Alan Mamedi – we bring few less known yet interesting facts about him.

Name: Alan Mamedi


Date of Birth: October 30, 1984

Net Worth: Unknown

  • Alan Mamedi started his career as Salesman at The Phone House while pursuing his Bachelors in Science in 2004 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. After a brief career at The Phone House of 2 years, he established Bidding.se, a unique bid auction site in 2006 and Möbeljakt.se, a Sweden largest search engine for the home interior in 2007. In less than three months of establishment, Bidding.se was acquired and later in 2008, he joined Birdstep Technology as the Chief Architect.
  • Soon after getting pestered with spam calls, Alan Mamedi and his friend from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Nami Zarringhalam, found Truecaller following a brief brainstorm discussion between the duos. However, later they learned the spam calls irritated them was from their relatives abroad. The thought of online phone directory consisting of overseas numbers and all over was “Truecaller.” Indeed “Truecaller” took birth out of anger of frustrated co-founders due to fraudulent calls. The co-founders built the app completely including the coding part.
  • Today, Truecaller is the world’s largest verified mobile phone community dedicated to the service of smartphone users to keep away from the hoax calls. With Truecaller’s extensive database of over 3 billion numbers, identification is no problem.
  • Unlike his previous venture bidding.se, Alan Mamedi does not intend to sell the Truecaller. “If I were forced to sell the company, then I would start crying because I love what I do,” said Alan Mamedi. He believes he is here to build something cool.
  • The huge populace in India accounts for the lion’s share of the user base of the app and is a potential market. Alan Mamedi believes spam calls are a huge concern in India. Truecaller blocks more than 2 million spam calls per day in India only.
  • There is a famous 50-word statement that Alan always use to convince smartphone users to use Truecaller:
  • Recently, the number of daily active users of Truecaller app hits 100 million mark, globally.

“Do you ever experience an unknown number calling you and you wished you knew who it was? Truecaller has an extensive database of public, mobile, and even prepaid numbers. The app also has a built-in spam filter, unwanted call protection, and a new name feature to look up anyone in the world!”

The world’s largest phone directory, Truecaller, born out of rage today, is transformed to be the boon for the Smartphone users worldwide. At a young age, Alan Mamedi had a great start with an immense service in the place, on his birthday let us congratulate him, and wish him an excellent technology future.

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