Email Marketing : A Majority Of Promotional Mails Were Sent Between 7-9 AM On Thanksgiving Day! [Infographic]

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The holiday shopping season consisting of – Thanksgiving Day, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. Brands roll out numerous lucrative deals and offers to attract customers. Brand advertisers have spent more than $9.4 billion on digital advertisement, this holiday shopping season, according to Wall Street PR. Advertisers are adopting various strategies ranging from email marketing, social media marketing and a whole lot more. Email marketing is at its peak during the epic shopping season, volume of marketing emails have spiked up in the last 1-2 months.

Although, social media marketing is considered 58% more effective than any other advertising mode. But the old and tried email marketing method was opted in parallel with other advertising methods, as every $1 spent on email marketing provided a returns as high as $44.25. Consumer’s shopping behavior varies on each of the shopping days, hence retail brands must devise a strategy based on shopping trends followed by them.

According to an Infographic by Exact Target, which anonymously tracked nearly 110 major online retailers, their email volume patterns during the critical Thanksgiving holiday weekend, as well as zeroing in on issues that are unique and important to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, summarized a few key points.

  • Amongst the respondents who have sent at least one promotional email, 88% of them sent on December 2 (Cyber Monday), 57.4% of them preferred November 26, about 81.5% opted for November 29, just 3 days prior to Cyber Monday.
  • Marketers had sent the bulk of promotional emails for Thanksgiving Day between 7 am-9 am (25%-28%), a significant amount of mails were also delivered late evening at around 8 pm (7%).
  • About 68% of retailers were focused on email marketing ads, on the desktop platform for Black Friday promotions between November 27-29, while 11% opted for mobile friendly email promotions.
  • In early October, about 77% of them concentrated on the desktop-centric promotional mailing method, and about 10% relied on mobile.
  • With reference to Cyber Monday, nearly 21% of brand owners had sent out mails in response within 3 days to subscribers abandoning a shopping cart worth $100+.
  • Close to 50% of those sending a cart abandonment email, sent it within 24 hours of abandonment.
  • About 10% of those sending a cart abandonment email, sent a series of them.

holiday shopping infography


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