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The Secret Sauce Of A Successful Email Campaign: Personalisation with Dynamic Content

“Email is not going to disappear. Possibly ever. Until the robots kill us all.” - Paul Buchheit, creator and lead developer of Gmail.Email marketing is the most powerful way to connect with people. A report by Radicati Group shows that the world sends 196.3 billion emails every day, out of which 109 billion are counted as business email. Social...

Email Marketing Campaigns Targeting iPhone Will Have Radical Impact from The New Changes in Apple iOS 10

The increasing impact of mobile in email is a sign that email marketing strategies need to be revisited. In our previous analysis, we explained it and also how Apple iPhone and iPad have emerged as two out of three most popular email clients in 2016.The release of Apple iOS 10 in September 2016, however, brought significant changes to Apple's...

Email Marketing : A Majority Of Promotional Mails Were Sent Between 7-9 AM On Thanksgiving Day! [Infographic]

The holiday shopping season consisting of - Thanksgiving Day, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are some of the biggest shopping days of the year. Brands roll out numerous lucrative deals and offers to attract customers. Brand advertisers have spent more than $9.4 billion on digital advertisement, this holiday shopping season, according to Wall Street PR. Advertisers are adopting various...

Email Marketing Was Preferred By 77% Of Marketers, Followed By Social Media (72%)! [REPORT]

Social media sites like Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) might have revolutionized the advertising world for businesses of all kinds for top brands, SMBs, local brands and every other major sector, yet it lacks behind e-mail marketing methods in terms of usage rate. Although, social media provides user engagement in various forms like pictures, videos and blogs,...

Worldwide Marketing Emails Recorded Highest Click Rates Of 4.9% On Fridays! Tips For Marketers [STUDY]

Email marketing is on the rise, especially in terms of  brand building, purchase and more such closely related factors. Brands use Email marketing to keep their followers updated with news about the latest products, services and special festival offers and deals. According to a study (Oct'13) by E-mail marketing solution firm GetResponse, the click rate for world-wide marketing E-mails was highest...

Email Vs Social Media: Globally 90% Of Online Users Are Subscribers [REPORT]

As Social media came into picture it was thought that Email subscription will fall and social media will take over Email but Surprisingly, when it comes to Email Vs Social media 90% of online users are subscribers followed by fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Australia's 50% population is on Facebook but still they lag behind from Brazil as...

Email Marketing Is the Cornerstone For Many Marketing Programmes !! [Report]

Is your company's expenditure on email changes
Email is the most accepted tactic that is often dismissed as being too rudimentary for today’s focus on real-time information. Email marketing remains as the most neccesary element in the marketing strategies of businesses and organizations of all sizes.In a study conducted in the UK, 89% of the respondents surveyed said that email was “important” or “very important” for their...

Ecommerce In India: Integrated Campaigns Increase Email Marketing Conversation Rates !! [Report]

Increase in the budget for Email/SMS in 2013
Marketers considered Email and social media marketing as most effectual customer engagement channels. It is just like we say some things just go better together. That’s why integration of social media with email marketing sees hike this year. To add, SMS integration with social media and email marketing too can do wonders. This can give your customers the ability to spread...

Email Marketing Brings On Maximum Customer Engagement !! [Report]

maximum customer engagement
Majority of the marketers believe that this year about 50% of the customers will view the email marketing messages on their mobile, but sadly only 40% of the marketers are ready for the mobile marketing strategy. While, 70% marketers expected that over 25% of their email campaigns would be viewed on a mobile browser this year.Astoundingly, consumers who receive...

Marketers In India Are Mostly Into Social Media Marketing !! [Report]

influence of social media on email
Adopting social media marketing strategy in your business is one of the best tactics to improve your business. Also, marketing professionals world-wide focus on social marketing this year. In addition, 80% of them said they planned to use social media data in their broader marketing efforts and they also think social marketing can drive business campaigns effectively.Majority of e-Marketers are focusing on Customer Acquisition via social media marketing in...

SMBs’ Email Marketing Budget Outbeats Social Media !! [Report]

Average marketing budgets_Email
Email remains a staple element in the marketing strategies of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Despite the emergence and hype surrounding many other digital marketing channels, such as paid search, SEO, and in recent years, social media, email still restores a larger share of marketing spend than any of its contemporaries.Just a few days back we had presented...

Email Marketing: Emails Deployed On Monday Gets Highest Revenue !! [Report]

email marketing metrics_time_Q4 2012
Majority of marketers considered Email and social media as most effectual customer engagement tools and they are primarily used to drive engagement. It is just like we say some things just go better together. That’s why integration of social media with email marketing technology sees hike this year. This can give your customers the ability to spread your messages...

Finally Proofed ! E-Mail is an Effective Marketing Media in India

In Asia it has never been easy for Merchants to accept the effectiveness of E-Mail marketing till last year. People still used to log-in to their Inbox for checking their emails and sending the replies. Scenario is no more same now. A recent survey conduced by e-Dilaog, a GSI Commerce Marketing Services division, reveals that 67 per cent of consumers in Asia-Pacific have made a purchase in a store or over the phone as a result of receiving a marketing email.

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