Worldwide Marketing Emails Recorded Highest Click Rates Of 4.9% On Fridays! Tips For Marketers [STUDY]

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Email marketing is on the rise, especially in terms of  brand building, purchase and more such closely related factors. Brands use Email marketing to keep their followers updated with news about the latest products, services and special festival offers and deals. According to a study (Oct’13) by E-mail marketing solution firm GetResponse, the click rate for world-wide marketing E-mails was highest in Q4,2013 attributed to the fact that people are busy planning their upcoming holiday shopping regime.

Email-Marketing During Q4 Records 4.7% Click-Rates, Highest Compared To Other Quarters

With the shopping season approaching, a majority of people are eager to plan their shopping schedule well in advance. The open rate for worldwide marketing E-mails was highest during Q1 (19.1%), but the click rate during Q4 (4.7%) was more than the rest of the quarters, which is clearly indicative of the excitement among shopaholics who are busy checking out various offers and deals before the holidays approach us. During festive seasons marketers should try sending more emails as users are more active during the shopping season.

open vs click rates

Marketers should concentrate on sending informative and attractive marketing emails with rich media content and a catchy subject line to persuade the user to open the mail and go through it. The click rate for first 3 Quarters are marginally closer, depicting lack of rich attractive content or an increase in number of spam mails.

Marketers should plan their e-mail strategy by following the rules set in motion by the ISP (Internet service providers) and SPAM filtering companies, otherwise, the email will be filtered out even before they reach the user inbox. Proper subject lines and maintaining single consistent From Address are a few steps which can help marketers from preventing their emails landing in the spam folder. More than 70% of worldwide E-mails sent, are Spam.

Open Rate Of Marketing Mails Was Highest On Tuesday (19.9%) Whereas Click Rate Was Highest During Friday(4.9%)!

If we analyze the number of marketing emails sent by marketers according to days of the week, majority of marketers preferred sending marketing emails on Tuesday. About 17.9% of marketing Emails were sent on a Tuesday, compared to 17.3% on Thursdays and 16.6% on Monday.

marketing mails sent during days of the week

Surprisingly, the percentage of marketing emails sent on Friday was comparatively lower (14.9%). Bulk of marketing Emails were sent on Tuesday, this could be well supported by the fact that the open rate of marketing emails was highest on Tuesdays (19.9%). (In Graph below)

Although emails sent on Fridays accounted for just 14.9%, the open rate went as high as 19.6% which means that a majority of users prefer checking their marketing emails on a Friday. As weekends approach closer, people prefer spending time on checking marketing emails. Probably to plan out a weekend shopping spree or look for other offers and opportunities to make a little extra money. A majority of users get  frustrated with large number of marketing emails flooding their inbox and they don’t bother to open them during weekdays until Friday. Marketers looking to promote any shopping or weekend holiday plans should concentrate on sending emails on Thursdays or Fridays.

open rate  vs click rate days of the week

Although, a marketer’s initial success lies on the open rate and also on not being filtered out as spam mail, but the actual growth indicator which signifies that implied strategy is working is the Click rate. As expected the click rate was recorded highest on Fridays (4.9%) and Thursdays (4.7%); click rate recorded on the rest of the days was marginally lower.

 Tips For Marketers and Advertisers.

Although marketing through social media is on the rise and gaining more importance, there are many countries in the west where users respond more to marketing Emails. Marketing Email will act as a subsidiary to social media marketing and would drive a significant share of returns to marketers.

Marketers should analyze the above facts and plan their strategy accordingly. A majority of marketers, especially the ones looking who are shopaholics, should start their email campaign preferably on Thursdays or Fridays.  The subject line must be very clear and catchy. Also rich media content like images, videos must be used well to grab the user’s attention. Analyze the feedback on consumers at regular intervals and modify your plan accordingly. An option to Unsubscribe emails must be made available to consumers. Marketers should begin their email marketing campaigns well in advance before the shopping season begins.

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