With An Average Of 5700 Tweets/Sec, This Is Twitter’s Journey So Far [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Micro-blogging website Twitter has completed a fruitful 7.5 year journey and is finally moving ahead to launch its epic IPO in the upcoming weeks. The 140 char display service has successfully challenged other social media giants with its unique viral nature and its small screen success. An Infographic by a leading advertising firm Brickish, depicts some interesting facts and figures about Twitter, its journey, right from its inception to the most awaited historic IPO. Few fascinating numbers are listed below –

  • Twitter was first launched on March 21, 2006. The basic idea behind the micro-blogging site was just to send an SMS about what was happening around the world in real time on the web so that others could follow it.
  • Twitter has over 231.7 million active users across the globe, of which 100 million are daily active users. Its video sharing app ‘Vine‘ has over 40 Million registered users.
  • Till date, Over 300 billion Tweets were composed with an average of 5700 Tweets/second. About 75% of users (173 Million) are on mobile.
  • The micro-blogging site will be launching its historic IPO in a couple of weeks under the ticker name TWTR at the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 70% of Twitter’s revenue is from mobile Tablets and Smartphones. About 87% of total revenue comes from ads while 13% from data licensing.
  • About 3 million websites have integrated with Twitter and there are 6 million registered apps on the micro-blogging platform.
  • Twitter has continuously proved its dominance in mainstay television discussions. A number of viewers of Tweets related to television discussions are about 50 times more than the number of authors of Tweets.

The world’s favourite micro-blogging site is growing rapidly, year over year in terms of ad revenue when compared to other social media sites. Its mobile friendly nature has attracted a lot of new users across the globe and with a growing usage on smart phone device, Twitter is likely to see an upward trend in terms of its user base.

Twitter will be launching its epic IPO in the coming weeks with modest ambitions while playing safe and clean to avoid the trouble like social media titans Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB). Twitter has come up with a well planned strategy and is trying to gain the trust of public investors rather than faking around with false statistics, unlike Facebook.

Due to its mobile first strategy, Twitter is likely to progress much faster compared to other social media sites in future, provided they are able to convey to the common man about the advantages they hold over Facebook and other networking sites.

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