263 Million Tweets Were Composed In U.S About Live TV In Q2,2013 [REPORT]

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A growing number of TV shows in U.S. regularly direct their viewers to Twitter to view and broadcast short messages. The TV appearances have helped Twitter increase its active user base. Twitter has launched many features to attract TV viewers like ‘’DVR mode for live events’’. Viewers engagement about live TV in the U.S has increased drastically in last 2 years. About 19 million unique users in the U.S composed 263 million tweets about live TV in Q2, 2013 alone.

Until now, only authors of tweet and number of tweets tweeted were measurable. But this data would be of not much help to advertisers to measure crowd involvement as it wasn’t possible to know number of viewers of tweets. Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings complete the picture by measuring both Twitter TV-specific activity (Authors and Tweets) and reach (Unique Audience).

According to Nielsen’s analysis

  • Twitter audience, for an average episode, is 50 times larger than number of authors generating Tweets.
  • This multiplying factor varies across programs. Ratio of audience to authors decreases with increase in number of authors every episode. Due to increase in overlap of followers for shows with large number of authors. Single follower follows multiple authors.
  • A 24% YOY increase in authors of Tweets related to live TV and 38% increase in Tweet volume.
  • This multiplying factor would help advertisers to evaluate user engagement/feedback and it can function as tool to measure the outreach.

Twitter TV Ratings


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