Facebook Is Influencing 20% People To Ditch Desktop For Mobile [Study]

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The importance of mobile is increasing day by day and so the traffic websites get through mobile and Tablet devices. The activities once performed by PC are shifted to these devices now.

According to a study conducted by The NPD Group, more than 20% of those polled indicated that they’re surfing the web and using Facebook less on their PCs but are engaging in such activities on their Smartphones and Tablets itself.

The shift from the PC to mobile and Tablet devices are pretty much clear in the case of Facebook as its Q4 report says, mobile ad revenue has grown to 23% of the company’s total $1.33 billion in ad revenue.


Facebook’s mobile user base is increasing and is indeed becoming dominant. Mobile ad revenue is growing quickly too, especially considering that of March 2012, where it din’t even existed. Facebook’s shares have risen 17% since the beginning of the year, that shows firm’s bet on mobile advertising is truly paying off.

As The NPD Group notes, consumers are still using their computers for many of the core PC-centric activities. 73% of PC owners still use their PCs to access internet, compared to 61% and 53% for Smartphones and Tablets, respectively. So, one cannot rule out PC market so easily, as it is still serving huge number of consumers to access internet.

Among Tablet owners, 27% say they are using their PC less frequently for accessing the Internet and 20% say they are using their PC less frequently for accessing Facebook. while, 27% of Smartphone owners have decreased both their Internet and Facebook usage on their PCs because they now use their Smartphone for these activities.

facebook Mobile users

Consumers are still using their computers for many core PC-based activities, but the tablet and Smartphone are gaining traction.  Internet browsing is still highest among PC owners at 75%, Smartphones at 61%, and Tablets at 53%.

Facebook interaction follows the same positions with PC owners at 63%, 55% for Smartphone users and 39% for Tablet users.


It’s worth noting that, 21% of consumers have an internet-connected television, and the report also highlights that many of these consumers are using those televisions to consume content from services like Netflix and Hulu.

John Buffone, director of devices, Connected Intelligence of NPD Group Says , “Despite these shifts in behavior, computers will remain the fundamental content creation device in consumer’s tool box for many years to come. Consumers, however, are switching their entertainment-centric behaviors to Tablets, Smartphones, and connected TVs at warp speed.” And, “Consumers, however, are switching their entertainment-centric behaviors to Tablets, Smartphones, and connected TVs at warp speed.  During 2013 this trend will be further perpetuated as more mobile devices become enabled with screen sharing technologies such as AllShare and Miracast that allow users to bridge their mobile devices to their TV screens.”

The recent survey observes how Twitter is grabbing TV viewers and about ‘dual screen’ behaviors were brought to light.  The study showcased that the viewers were 12x more likely to tweet regarding a TV show and 22x more likely to use the show’s official hashtag when the show was broadcasted, compared to the days it did not air.

On this note it becomes quite imperative for every company to evaluate their specific audiences and how their consumption habits are changing, such as, multi-device, multi-platform world and evaluate and increase their better user experience.


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