‘Custom Audience’ Feature By Facebook Inc. (FB) Likely To Benefit Small Businesses !

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Advertising section of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is continuously pacing with remarkable changes almost every single day. The social media titan is trying hard to remain at top position by continuous innovations or adopting features from other social networking sites. Facebook recently announced its new feature in advertising section, by which targeting via Custom Audiences will be availed to all advertisers by end of November. At first Facebook had launched customer targeting based on location, age, gender and now they have further optimized it to ad-campaigns based on phone number, email ids or Facebook ids. This feature will largely benefit local players as their audience group is specific and limited to few miles. Marketers publicizing more specific products are bound to get advantages of this new feature.

Features Of Custom Audience Tool

Custom audience is unique tool by which marketers can use their contact list (email list or a list of phone numbers or Facebook User ID’s) and reach their customers with personalized target Ads. Earlier this feature was available only through Facebook’s API and power editor tool, but now marketers can use custom audiences in any Facebook ad interface. Businesses can also use mail-chimp list to connect to their customers on Facebook. If an advertiser/marketer has contact list of customers who had earlier used their product; and are likely to purchase new product to be launched; such customers can be easily re-targeted through custom audience feature.

Custom audience feature has few useful additions as well; now marketers have a customer database who had used their product earlier, and next upcoming launch is more specific for people of certain region or age group, then there is provision by which amongst the list of customer base, marketer can target only the ones who belong certain age group or region (based on requirement). This feature is quite vital for marketers in optimizing their advertising budgets and gain higher revenues.


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Higher Conversion Rate And Sales By Re-Targeting

With the Custom Audiences tool, marketers can turn 1st time customers into repeat customers by re-targeting them with personalized advertisements. This feature will help small business firms/publicity team of reality shows who are into the areas, which attracts niche group of audience. For an example, if marketers need to publicize some classical music festival or a ”Jazz show”, which might attract selective audience, this feature can aid best, to place personalized Ads only to those customers who had earlier participated in the program and are likely to attend it again. By this advertisers can save the expense of randomly placing Ads for non-interested group and ROI would be higher.

Local players can re-target their customers base and introduce them to their upcoming new products by launching a personalized ad campaign. They can also get them signed up for their periodic updates of products by such specialized Ad campaigns. If marketer is dealing with products of higher cost and which people do not buy frequently, custom audience can be best tool to persuade users to replace the old product with new one. For example – A 2 wheeler-dealer is about to launch a new brand and wants to address the same to his existing customer base who had done business to him in past, he can launch an Ad-campaign offering ”Free servicing for two wheeler” to his Ex-customers and at same time he can also pass on word about latest brand which could be more effective than previous versions.

A Progressive Step Towards Cost-Effective Ad-Campaigns.

Custom audience is no doubt a very progressive step in ad targeting options. Online brands are likely to increase their conversion rates and decrease their ad-investment per user. This feature is bound to make Ad-campaigns cost-effective and help in generating useful traffic for online brands. Majority of users who browse through website don’t end up purchasing, by this feature, useless traffic can be avoided. With introduction of such progressive and beneficial features, Facebook is bound to be most preferred source by marketers.

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