Using LinkedIn for Business Must Be Your Top Priority in 2021

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LinkedIn is one of the most impactful social media networks in 2021. It’s designed to attract more attention to your business and to help the employers and the employees meet.

The number of LinkedIn users has surpassed 740 million people recently which makes it the largest online professional network in the world. While LinkedIn has a lot more potential for personal brand building among the professional circle, It makes a huge audience for your business promotion as well. In fact, the role of social media in business promotion is immense, regardless of whether it’s LinkedIn, TikTok, or Instagram.

So why won’t you use such an opportunity and tell about your brand there?


This guide will take you through the steps to follow on LinkedIn to make your business successful in 2021.

Create Your Business Profile Page

The first and essential step to take is signing up for LinkedIn. A profile on LinkedIn is a must for any startup or small company, let alone business giants. Your profile page is your opportunity to become recognizable. Besides, it lets you advertise your company’s new products and services to your target audience.

This process is simple and fast. Just follow the guidelines given on the social media platform and set the information about your company. Complete the profile page, adding the details about your company size, the sphere of business it belongs to, the number of employees, and other things related to your company’s activity. Your company description will finalize this process. 

Identify Your Company/Brand

It’s no news that the logo and slogan are the things that make you stand out in the background of other services. These are the essential business elements that make you recognizable and unique.

Set the logo for your profile photo. Uploading a cover photo is also essential as it can give more information as to what your company is engaged in and what your general message is. Be laconic with the visual content you use for your profile photos to make them do their job properly.


Note: the higher the percent of your profile completion is, the more views on LinkedIn your business profile can get.

Fill your LinkedIn Page with Content

The main goal any business follows when creating its profile on LinkedIn is to make people engaged in whatever you want to tell them, especially if it will have an impact on the rate of your sales or website conversion. Therefore, the content you post on your profile page should be well-written, meaningful, and useful. Usually, the companies attract a new audience by giving some useful tips, posting ‘how-to’ videos, telling the story of your victories and failures, or sharing some other relevant information related to the sphere the company works in. 

The crucial role in the effectiveness of your LinkedIn page plays its visual part. The creation of quality visual content needs time and effort, but the game is definitely worth the candles. You can look up some ideas and advice about how to create quality visual content in Movavi Blog, Wistia Blog, HubSpot, and other similar resources.

By the way, when working with social media, you’d better publish new posts relying on a schedule. Regular publications keep your readers engaged, and don’t let the subscribers forget about your company. The publication of new posts on schedule (e.g. twice or three times a week) makes your followers wait for another portion of information.

Don’t Ignore Stories

One of the recent LinkedIn updates made it possible to create stories we are all so much used to on Facebook and Instagram. Storytelling is a powerful instrument in the hands of a person working in the business sphere. By making stories on LinkedIn, you stimulate the formation of an emotional bond between you and your target audience. You can share the behind-the-scenes life of your business, helping your readers get more involved in what you do. Besides, stories are a great solution for questions and answers sessions. These are only some of the pros of making stories on LinkedIn, but there are many more (you can look them up here).

Attract Followers

The more contacts you set up on LinkedIn, the bigger audience will see your posts. To increase the number of followers fast, you should send invitations to all your current and past connections. Involve your employees in the growth of your LinkedIn audience. Tag people in your posts to make them visible not only for your followers but for theirs as well. 

Becoming a part of LinkedIn groups or creating your own is another effective way to make your page content visible. It’s also crucial for your interaction with other businesses and finding new people for your team.

Another way to raise your subscription rates is to mention your LinkedIn page on other social media pages you have. Businesses also often send email newsletters to their clients asking them to join their social networks. 

Use Hashtags

A hashtag is a thing that can make you visible to more people. The thing is that some LinkedIn users follow certain hashtags, and even if they are not on the list of your subscribers, they will see your post due to the hashtag you add to it. Besides, the search-by-the-hashtag feature on LinkedIn will bring your post to the search list. You can either use the hashtags that are offered automatically after you upload an image or a video or create your own. The latter should better be combined with the hashtags popular in the category you are posting. 

Monitor Your LinkedIn Page Efficiency

There’s no point in any activity if it doesn’t bring any result. When starting a business profile on LinkedIn, monitoring the efficacy of content you publish and the growth of the number of your subscribers are the two crucial things you have to keep an eye on. Analyze which of your posts get more feedback from the followers and which fail to attract their attention. By doing this, you can change your strategy and adapt your content to the demand of your readers.


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