Mock First, Mimic Later: After Samsung, Now Xiaomi Follows in Apple’s Footsteps

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When you’re a superstar in your own right, it’s a given that everybody would want to be like you. However, as has been observed in the smartphone sphere, the rules with which the ‘imitation games’ are being played here are a little different. And it is Xiaomi who has been caught again in these shenanigans again!

‘Inspired’ by Apple’s iPhone 12 launch, Xiaomi also decided to follow suit and ditch the charging adapter while announcing its next top tier roll out – the Mi 11. While essentially being good news all around, the lighter side of the story is what has had users struck and chuckling.

Going down memory lane, the Chinese smartphone maker was quick to quip pot-shots at American giant Apple during the launch of the iPhone 12 – all for the same reason of removing certain in-box accessories. Posting just hours after Apple’s announcement then, Xiaomi had tweeted users “not to worry” for its offering of Mi10TPro. Turning the wheels of irony now, Xiaomi has included the very same justification as Apple then did for giving out the sleek packaging with the Mi 11 sans the in-box equipment as a call to aid in “environment protection”.

Xiaomi, however, is not the only one which has bitten its own tongue. Samsung, after mocking Apple iPhone 12 for not providing charger earlier, is also gearing up to do the same with its upcoming devices. The Korean Electronics giants has reportedly deleted all the ads which made mockery of Apple iPhone 12.

All the same, it has often become the norm for smartphone companies to indulge in a little banter whenever Apple has a new offering poised for launch. A few years ago, when Apple ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack, some Android phone makers were quick to mock the Cupertino-based tech giant’s decision, only to follow suit later on. In this particular case, Xiaomi is not the only one to imbibe this trend of Apple’s. The upcoming slated Samsung Galaxy S21 could take the same road, and so also could the OnePlus 9. Clearly, companies are no stranger to the mock and mimic tactic.

Coming to the product on hand here, the Mi 11 looks to be a solid release again by the Chinese tech Co. Packed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 inside, the smartphone is replete with a 108MP camera, Super AMOLED screen, HDR10+ certification, and audio tuning by Harman Kardon. An enticing prospect indeed.

Amidst the din of all the humour, some careful analysts have also pointed out an underlying logical facet. Given Xiaomi’s dogged efforts to ramp up its fast charging efforts in its offerings of late, it had nevertheless always added a compliant charger in the box for ‘free’. The popularity and performance of these adapters notwithstanding, they could also have been adding to the overall cost which the company now sees as an area to cull.

Additionally, in the launch video posted by CEO Jun showing the Mi 11’s box, the Chinese text on the box which says “Pack light in 2021” could also be an indicator for future Xiaomi smartphones, and how the practice continues to shape up as an industry trend.

Aped or not, Xiaomi’s move to protect the environment surely makes sense from all points of view. While there is an abundance of Android phone chargers in the wild, inclusive of every which variety, it’s not as if the service of its fast-charging adapters itself has been pulled back by the company – especially if you’re willing to pay for it!

Keep your eyes peeled on December 28 for the mimic then.

Stay tuned for more happenings.


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