This Soon-To-Be-Released Security Measure Is Plotting The Death of OTPs!

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Passwords have long been declared defunct. But when it comes to online transactions, they still continue to be heavily relied on in the form of one-time passwords aka OTPs.

Now, to help consumers finally get rid of this annoyance, Indian telecom companies are planning to start verifying user identity using only mobile numbers. 

Let’s dig in and learn more about it.


In a recently released media report, it has come to light that Reliance Jio, Bharati Airtel and Vodafone Idea are hoping to use this method to primarily counter fraud such as SIM mirroring which lets scammers/malicious threat actors breach bank accounts and other secure digital files.

Currently, to conduct a financial transaction of any nature on an app or site, consumers need to wait for a 4-6 digit OTP that is sent to their bank registered mobile number and then input the same to finish the process,

However, that is the ideal case.

In reality, one often experiences transactions getting timed out due to delays in receiving the OTP or worse, transactions failing to get process even though the amount gets debited from the account. All of this adds up to a lot of undue frustration which can now be avoided according to the telecom companies.

Mobile Identity Verification: Death To OTPs?

A senior executive at one of the telecom operators, in a statement, said that they are working on a system to verify mobile identity that will let consumers avoid password fatigue and transact securely at one go. 

He also mentioned that the feature is currently in pilot mode and should be rolled out throughout the country by H1 2021 (depending on the pace of regulatory clearances).


Provided by companies such as Route Mobile, which is a cloud communication platform provider, this new technology of verifying ‘mobile identity’ will act as a liaison between operators in the area and various enterprises.

Rajdipkumar Gupta, Managing Director at Route Mobile, in a statement, said that they are going to build the identity layer by collaborating with the telecom operator. At the same time, they will be offering a unified API aka application programming interface to brands which can then enable Mobile Identity services for authentication transactions from users. 

Thus, this essentially means that companies such as Route Mobile helping enable this service will become vendors who will get paid from other companies who wish to make use of this enhanced security measure replacement for OTPs.

The mobile identity process will reduce the currently prevalent two-step security process which involves inputting your card details and then waiting for the OTP to a one-step process wherein one simply needs to punch in their mobile number which will then lead to the verification.

This faster and more efficient security protocol for online financial transactions, according to the founder of techARC Faisal Kawoosa will also help curb various financial frauds that are on the rise. 

Kawoosa believes while customers may initially hesitate or fear to opt for this facility, they will soon get used to no OTP.

Now, it remains to be seen how this to-be security norm performs after being launched nationwide. We will keep you updated. Until then, stay tuned.


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