Email Marketing: Emails Deployed On Monday Gets Highest Revenue !! [Report]

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Majority of marketers considered Email and social media as most effectual customer engagement tools and they are primarily used to drive engagement. It is just like we say some things just go better together. That’s why integration of social media with email marketing technology sees hike this year. This can give your customers the ability to spread your messages on their own terms.

According to a Q4 2012 analysis by Experian CheetahMail of its North American clients’ email campaigns, emails sent late at night bets to get good  results than emails sent at any other time of the day. This report basically highlights on a time of day/day of week which gets best revenue for Email marketing.

The best time and day to mail varies by industry, however, across all brands and industries is said that emails deployed on Saturdays and Sundays had the highest open, unique clicks, transaction rates and revenue per email. But yet had the lowest volume deployed compared to other days of the week.


Coming to weekdays, Monday had the highest revenue per mail, but Friday had the higher click rate.

The report also observes that the Email volume rose by 5.4% in Q4 2012 compared to Q4 2011. Unique open rates were up YOY by 12.8%. While, unique click and transaction rates matched those numbers seen in Q4 2011. Revenue per email increased from $0.13 to $0.14 YOY, an 8% increase.

Its also depicted that Saturday and Sunday had higher open, click and transaction rates, but much lower volume.

Email marketing_days_Q4 2012_report

Deploying emails between 8:00 PM and 11:59 PM and midnight to 4:00 AM proved to have the highest response rates in all areas. The areas include higher open and click-through rates (CTR), more transactions, larger orders, and greater revenue per email.

However, as every brand’s customers behave differently, it is most likely the case that the optimal day of week and time of day for your email deployments will show a different pattern of performance.


email marketing metrics_time_Q4 2012

Its also seen that across the time there was 5% to 6% increase in the percent of both open and clicks received in one day. It is likely that the immediacy of mobile is driving this trend as these increases have occurred at the same time that mobile usage has more than doubled.


  1. jennypeachs yeah same, personally majority of my online purchases happen late at night which seems to follow with the email stats

  2. jennypeachs yeah same, personally majority of my online purchases happen late at night which seems to follow with the email stats


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