New Coronavirus-Themed Phishing Attacks Are Surfacing Online: Beware!

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus has led to the creation of mass hysteria among people worldwide, a situation which greatly benefits all kinds of cybercriminals and scammers. Now, while the outbreak is still very much active, a new...

Worldwide Email Client Market Share by Year

The above graph represents the world's top 10 email clients market share by year. The top three most popular clients remain Apple’s native iPhone app, Gmail, and Apple's native mail app on iPad. In 2018, about 29% of all...

Email Marketing: Emails Deployed On Monday Gets Highest Revenue !! [Report]

Majority of marketers considered Email and social media as most effectual customer engagement tools and they are primarily used to drive engagement. It is just like we say some things just go better together. That’s why integration of social...

Finally Proofed ! E-Mail is an Effective Marketing Media in India

In Asia it has never been easy for Merchants to accept the effectiveness of E-Mail marketing till last year. People still used to log-in to their Inbox for checking their emails and sending the replies. Scenario is no more same now. A recent survey conduced by e-Dilaog, a GSI Commerce Marketing Services division, reveals that 67 per cent of consumers in Asia-Pacific have made a purchase in a store or over the phone as a result of receiving a marketing email.
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Depsite Introducing Alluring New Features, It’s an Uphill Battle for WhatsApp Pay in India

Who would've imagined sending money to your friends and family would one day become as effortless as sending a...
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