Should Mark Zuckerberg Try For The Acquisition Of Nokia?

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It’s true that Facebook is trying a lot for the monetization of its mobile platform. However, the company is currently busy to carve a mobile app which could support ads tag along with better user experiences. The leading social networking website has reportedly stated on its blog that over 425 million user access the website every month through mobile device. At present, Facebook is trying to make every phone a “Facebook Phone”. There is also a probability that Facebook could launch its own mobile handset for making greater penetration in the market. Numbers of rumors are depicting that the social networking giant is working on its own mobile OS.  However, it’s very tough for Facebook to contend existing rivals like Apple and Google at present.

For some extent, if we consider that Facebook will try to acquire some other companies for mobile handsets development. However, it’s not possible for it to own iOS and Android. It has only two options either to buy Nokia or BlackBerry. Buying to BlackBerry, it might be a wrong deal for the company, but Nokia should be a good option.  The reason is quite obvious; Nokia has reached to its minimal value (see the graph below).

On Friday Last week, the net worth of Nokia reached to $9.3 billion on the New York Stock Exchange. The company has also reportedly declared to cut 10,000 jobs across the world. From the above graph, it’s clear, Nokia was worth about $269 billion in 2000 and really, it was just an initiation of indestructible bricks.


Last week, the company also instructed to its shareholders that they could meet even more loss in Q2 of this year compare to the prior quarter. In addition to these, the company has also decided to sell out its Vertu luxury mobile phone division to a private equity group for almost $250 million.

At present, company’s Windows Phone based Lumia models aren’t performing well and the company has stacked a lot on forthcoming Tablet, expected to come later this year. Previously, I discussed how Nokia’s 10-inch Tablet will be the last attempt for the company to survive in the market. If Nokia’s 10-inch Tablet business languishes then, undoubtedly, the company will have to look for potential mergers and I think, Facebook is appropriate candidate. Last month, Forbes released a list of billionaires, where it demonstrated that Mark Zuckerberg had a net worth of about $16.9 billion. Indeed, Mark can easily buy Nokia with this amount, besides, he will remain have $7.6 billion.

Image courtesy: Wired



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