What Will Happen To Microsoft If Its Surface Tablet Fails To Prove Whopping Sales?

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Indeed, it’s somewhat weird to listen that Microsoft has quintessentially changed its strategy and has started to manufacture its own hardware. However, it’s not the first time when the company has manufactured any hardware—before, it has already manufactured mice, music player,keyboards and gaming consoles—, but it’s ridiculous to compare these hardware with some serious product like Tablet. Really, Tablet is completely different than mice, keyboards and gaming console—it’s more like a small computer.

But, my question is here that what will happen to the world largest software manufacturer if its Tablet fails in the market? We might take an example of Google; the company started its own Phone campaign in January 2010 when it launched its first Nexus flagship with HTC. Google started to sell the device through its own web Store, but it was failed to impress users around the world. Eventually, in May of the same year, it dropped its plan to sell the device through its own web store—putting Nexus One into bricks-and-mortar stores.

Undoubtedly, Microsoft has years of experience of making and selling hardware—including Zune, Xbox and more. Here, the company has its strategy to launch quality product in the market rather than to put low priced unsophisticated product. However, the Tablet is quite expensive due to an adherence of the company towards business clients. The strategy is somewhat similar to Apple, whose laptop is considered as most expensive, despite of this, a prudent set of users are being attracted. It’s really an impressive approach to sell less number of quality product—which create a strong impression on users mind—at high margin rather than to sell exuberant number but unsophisticated.


I have already stated that Microsoft hasn’t intention to exploit its hardware partners. It’s more caring to hardware partners and it’s not even trying to undercut their manufacturer pricing in order to protect its another part of their (partners) business. I think, Surface Tablet might be a crucial step for Microsoft because it has chosen the path out to build a Tablet for its own forthcoming OS rather than to rely on some other hardware partners such as Samsung, HP and Dell. However, I am not arguing because these partners have played a consequential role to make Windows OS successful for Desktops. Since, Windows 8 OS has been designed for the both platforms (Tablet and PC). By launching its own device, Microsoft is trying to show off the world that it will similarly work on the PC as well. However, price of the Tablet is starting from $599 and really, an average users (those are unable to invest such amount) could not shell out the full experiences of device.

Apple can only understand which types of hardware could suit for its iOS, that’s why, its iPhone and iPad have made an incredible achievement. Similar, Microsoft is trying to project through its own device what it has dreamed for its Windows 8 OS. However, the company has not declared about the screen resolutions of the device at “Los Angeles event” , but at the beginning of this year, I stated that Microsoft instructed to its hardware manufacturers that screen resolution would be 1366 X 768 pixels.

It’s true that Google failed to prove itself in the hardware manufacturing and selling. But, it has acquired Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion to obliterate that debacle. However, the deal seems quite expensive, but it could be a golden egg for the company. This time, the future of Microsoft depends on its Windows 8’s success and the breakthrough of the OS could pave the company to chose an unconventional track.



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