TikTok Creators Looking For Better Monetization: New Startup To Their Rescue!

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TikTok monetisation is what that’s catching the eyeballs of TikTok creators!

The age-old saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ fits in perfectly in the world of content creation. 

For digital creators, monetizing their content is often a challenging roadblock, and it is this same hurdle which leads them to find new and innovative ways to monetize their work.


This holds up very true for TikTok creators if not for those on Youtube wherein monetization is made fairly easily because of ad revenue sharing. The popular short video-sharing app has been very slow-paced when it comes to introducing features which would allow creators to make money while being a full time ‘TikToker’.

It was only earlier this year when the company launched a creator marketplace to help facilitate brand deals along with releasing a ‘creator fund’ which would pay creators for their posts (with low rates). It also allowed creators to start earning money as virtual gifts from their fans. However, it wasn’t enough to motivate the content creators on the platform.

Soon after realizing TikTok is a long way from being able to pay top dollar at par with platforms such as Youtube, many of their top creators started turning to alternative sources of revenue streams. 

TikTok creators started doing paid song integrations, app marketing, merchandise sales among several other things, indicating that TikTok needs to significantly upgrade their creator monetization tools. And this is where another platform called PearPop comes in.

PearPop is a new startup which aims to help creators on the short-video platform to monetize their content using features which already exist in the TikTok app.


The founder Esteban Sainz who is a 21-year-old content creator having 1.3 million TikTok followers believes that the app will help successfully bring business opportunities to creators and brands alike. 

Sainz mentioned that, so far, he has been able to tie up with a brand who reached out to him via the platform after looking at the rates and agreed to do a brand collaboration. The company has recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Rocket One Capital and said that they are planning to close the seed round in the next couple of months.

The 21-year-old college student, in a statement about the same, said TikTok has not been able to focus on facilitating proper tools to help creators earn and therefore PearPop is here to help solve that pain point.

According to him, users have been loving the idea that they can now monetize their content very quickly and that social media commerce is going to be a huge business moving forward into the future. 

This is indeed very true if one takes a look at the recent moves of Facebook.

The social media behemoth is planning to monetize Reels within the end of this year while it has already rolled out the shopping feature on Instagram. Thus, it is evident that social will become a tremendous driving force in the e-commerce space as well as in the creator space in the near future. 

PearPop, however, has a plan to look beyond TikTok as well. The company may soon integrate itself with other fast-growing short video platforms as well. If Sainz succeeds in doing so it would be a big boost for other smaller creators who have been spending time on many regional TikTok alternatives. For example, in India, which is TikTok’s largest market, the ban on TikTok has resulted in many homegrown alternatives which have mushroomed in s a very short span of time. Short video apps in India, likes of Roposo and Chingari, have roped in millions of TikTok creators, and by offering monetisation capabilities in an association with PearPop would be a great value addition to lure more users.

All said and done, it’s too early to say that how much value TikTok creators found in such platform. Besides, it would be interesting to see if, taking a cue from the success of PearPop, the short video platforms add such feature in their offerings itself.

Do let us know what is your take on the monetization of social media and if you have ever bought anything recommended by the influencers you follow.


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