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Flipkart’s Latest Acquisition To Help Them Deliver Superior Consumer Experiences Using AR


The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced consumers around the world to stay at home led to the many biggies in the retail industry reinventing user experiences in the digital space. 

Global brands were observed to be leveraging technologies such as Augmented Reality aka A.R. to better engage with their audiences and convert more shoppers. And now, following down the same footsteps, Flipkart has decided to step up their game in a similar manner.

On Tuesday, Walmart-owned homegrown e-commerce giant announced that they recently acquired Scapic, which is a Bengaluru-based AR firm for an undisclosed sum.


Scapic enables both the creation and publishing of A.R. and 3D content via its Cloud-based platform and has been serving multiple clients in the e-commerce and digital marketing space.

The CEO of Flipkart Group Kalyan Krishnamurthy, in the statement about this latest acquisition, said that this investment is focused on further developing and nurturing of the retail ecosystem.

He also mentioned that Flipkart has always been committed to delivering a more easily navigable platform which offers rich content and experience for consumers.

The Indian e-com giant has reportedly bought a 100% stake in the A.R. enablement firm, and they are all set to welcome their talented team of developers and designers into the Flipkart family.

Flipkart’s move to start using immersive technology for delivering superior user experiences suggests that they have definitely been taking notes from the very best of the retail space and aims to duplicate the success they’ve had.


Besides, the aggressive moves made by Reliance to strengthen its offline as well as online retail space could be one of the major reasons that have made Flipkart raise the bar and stay ahead in the game.

V.K. Sai Krishna and Ajay PV, the co-founders of Scapic said that their firm was founded in 2017 and it excels in building visual technology with ease using their no-code platform. It can bring products to life using A.R. and 3D and create various superior experiences across categories including fashion, consumer electronics, furniture and more.

After all the necessary procedures of the acquisition are done, the Scapic team will be working towards helping the e-com giant break new grounds in A.R. They will reportedly providing deeper camera experiences, virtual storefronts and several new opportunities to integrate immersive technology into Flipkart’s brand advertising.

Now, besides this, Flipkart is also diving into the world of gamification. Earlier this month, the eCommerce major also acquired intellectual property from a mobile gaming startup called Mech Mocha which has a live social gaming platform – Hello Play.

Mech Mocha’s gaming team, as a result of the acquisition, under the leadership of Prakash Sikaria who currently helms the position of Vice-President at Flipkart, will be joining the Flipkart team and help them scale their efforts into the space of gaming in order to better engage users.

All in all, it looks like Flipkart is committed to amplifying their retention efforts on the platform and straighten out the wrinkles in the overall consumer experience a.k.a C.X. 

It now remains to be seen what new innovations will they whip up with the help of these more modern technologies and how effective they will turn out to be. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.



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