Apple And Microsoft Working Together: iCloud App Available On Microsoft Store

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The top two tech industry rivals, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT ) have apparently collaborated together and have come up with a new exciting iCloud app on the Microsoft Store. It is a once in blue moon event when the two tech rivals have worked on something as a team. The new iCloud for Windows app was launched on June 11 and is available at Microsoft Store on Windows 10 Platform.

The iCloud app is based on the same technology used in OneDrive’s Files On Demand feature. It is a very user-friendly application and you can store, access and download files of all kinds on your Smartphones or PC whenever you want, instead of storing in your devices.

The new iCloud for Windows 10 is a great option for all those who are not completely synced into the Apple ecosystem. Those who carry an iPhone along with Windows OS powered Laptop/PC Cloud backup has always been a challenge. The demand for Cloud storage is sky high at the moment due to increased efficiency, flexibility and the strategic edge that it provides to users.

The newly launched iCloud app will sync all your files and folders in a systematic way. Any changes done in a particular file from one device can be immediately updated when you access the same file from a different device. This is helpful in reducing mundane tasks and increase the productivity of the users by saving time, which is essential especially for the corporate Industry.

This new iCloud app can sync Drive, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, and even Bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. It can also contain photos, clicked from your iPhone, which can be accessed through your Windows PC. What’s even more interesting is that it works from both ends that mean you can upload photos from PC and access from other devices. Sharing pictures has become simpler by using shared albums and even videos could be shared in a similar way through this platform.

The files can be accessed from browsers like Internet Explorer without any need to download on the hard disk, which eventually eliminates the need for high storage capacity. The only thing required will be internet connectivity and you will able to access any document just in time.

This new updated version of iCloud is far better than the previous iCloud for Windows.

Apple is on a diversification drive lately as the company is falling into a sales slump. The company is strengthening its Services business unit to counter the decline sales of iPhone devices. In the last few years, Apple has launched apps relating to news, gaming and also its own music app which is in a direct completion to other leading music apps.

Although iCloud was already available to the Microsoft Windows users, it is the first time Microsoft has added it to the Microsoft Store to provide seamless cross-platform experience users were waiting for a long time. You can download iCloud for Windows app here.


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