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Google Offers The Cheap Cloud Storage Options To Compete With Apple iCloud

Google one cheap cloud storage
The exploded adoption of internet and smartphone has put people surrounded by digital documents almost anytime anywhere. Sensing it an opportunity that could help a provider mint billions of dollars in the future, Google launched relatively affordable cloud storage options as Google Drive in April 2012. After six years of existence, Google has probably realised that it's time to shift...

Apple Q1 2013 Earnings: The Cash Reserve Alone Is Equal To 75% Of Samsung’s Whole Year Revenue

After weeks of unofficial projections, guessing and online buzz Apple Q1 2013 Earnings report is finally out. The quarter was really impressive for Apple; the company reported its all time highest revenue for any quarter. Over the past few months, the company has been struggling to meet the investors expectations. Apple's stock market still seems volatile, and also, the company's...

Apple Could Leverage Over Facebook To Entice A Significant Number Of Users

Apple is almost to host its WWDC event today and lots of speculations are yet to be uncovered. What the company is going to unwrap today is still a mystery. I have already described a lot about software and hardware specifications of iOS 6, but more important is here to know about the stance of Apple with Facebook.The pronouncement...

Is Apple Really Working On Products To Blow Our Mind?

Last week, Apple released its Q2 earnings of 2012, generated $39.2 billion revenue in the quarter ending March of this year, up $14.2 billion from the prior year in the same quarter. Samsung has also reportedly stated its Q1 earning ending March of 2012, but performance of its chip unit was not impressive.  After Apple's Q2, 2012  earnings report, numbers...

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